GEM RESCUE (Combination)
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GEM RESCUE (Combination essence)

This powerful gem essence combination is for those who prefer to use gem essences instead of flower essences.
It contains Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Blue Chalcedony, Chiastolite, Dioptase, Emerald, Eye of the Storm Jasper, Jet, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Magnesite, Malachite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rhodonite, Richterite and Tibetan Black Quartz gem essences.
Gem Rescue is deeply calming and grounding. It is especially helpful to use during/after emotional or traumatic emergencies, or extreme stress, or after a fright or an accident, where shock, panic, hysteria, anxiety, fear, grief or mental confusion are likely to be experienced. It is a nerve fortifier. It places a shield of protective light around those who are feeling vulnerable or frightened, and helps to dispel fearful thoughts or incessant worry. It will also assist in restoring one's emotional equilibrium. 
Links to danger, fight or flight response, panic, fear of going mad, crying, sleep disturbances, nightmares, post traumatic stress, nerves, exhaustion, appetite loss due to trauma, irrational fears, nausea due to fear.
Directions for use: Take a few drops under the tongue or in water every 20 minutes until a state of comparative calmness is reached. Stroke it over the skin/fur if the person/animal needing help is unconscious. Put around 20 drops in a glass of water by the bedside, to be sipped as needed through the night. 
GO GETTER! (Combination essence)
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GO GETTER! (Combination essence)
"I am active and successful at what I do"
This essence contains Almond, Ametrine, Bastnasite, Benitoite, Blackberry, Botswana Agate, Bougainvillea, Comfrey, Covellite, Erythrite, Eudialyte, Fluorite, Guardianite, Orange Calcite, Penstemon, Petrified Wood, Petunia, Poppy Jasper, Pua Pilo, Pyrites, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Sardonyx, Sonora Sunrise, Smoky Quartz, Strontianite, Tiffany Stone, Titanite, Tremolite and Zincite essences.
Go Getter stimulates the ability to manifest one's full potential. From personal experience, this essence does a brilliant job of instilling absolute determination to reach an attainable goal, especially when the goal is a physical challenge. It promotes self-belief, willpower, courage, enthusiasm, motivation, co-ordination, self-confidence, focus and perseverance. It enables one to overcome obstacles that are preventing success, particularly in sport, when one always seems perform much better in practice than in the actual competitive event. The essence helps to release unrealistic expectations, and to overcome nerves/anxiety/tension, sluggishness, fear of failure/of the unknown, irrational fears, self-criticism, and ingrained belief patterns, such as "I'm not good/smart/quick enough". It blocks subtle energy leaks and encourages one to really look after one's bodily needs, such as finding the right diet for success, getting enough sleep, doing enough exercise practice before the event to achieve success, and sorting out any food allergies. It helps one to rebound after setbacks and also helps one to become less sensitive to stressful situations, the environment or other things that have previously caused upset. Go Getter can also be helpful in increasing one's will-power and determination to achieve a work deadline. It increases one's tolerance to stress and encourages a higher performance rate by enhancing one's organisational skills, focus and mental acuity, sustaining concentration, and providing the ability to avoid being sidelined by petty distractions.
Links mentally and emotionally to high demands on one's energy reserves, stamina, oxygen assimilation, dexterity, vitality, energy flow, lungs, shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis, heart, blood, blood vessel dilation, muscles, muscle spasms, ligaments, joints, skeletal system, nervous system, dehydration, water retention, disc and tendon elasticity, mineral content, teeth, sinusitis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, adrenal glands, nerves, energy leaks, mouth, throat, vertigo, altitude sickness, abdomen, hips, legs, fungal infections, vertigo, altitude sickness.
MEDITATION Combination essence)
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MEDITATION (Combination essence)

"Meditation" is a magical flower and gem combination of 21 special Gaia essences, including Cistus, Orange, Peach, St. John's Wort, Anandalite, Aquamarine, Aqua Terra Jasper, Fluorite, Heliotrope, Hypersthene, Iolite, Lepidolite, Preseli Bluestone, Richterite, Rhodozite, Selenite, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Tantalite, Tremolite and Zircon.
Meditation essence is for those who generally feel anxious, mentally scattered, disordered, restless, stressed out, "monkey-minded", confused, fuzzy-headed or frazzled (much of which is instigated by the sea of electromagnetic pollution emanating from computers, mobile phones and masts, microwaves etc.). So, in the present time, it has become increasingly more difficult to reach a calm or meditative state, especially at bedtime. This may be because you've been doing too much, your mind is overtaxed with work, stress or environmental pollution, or is overactive from working too late into the night, or you're going through difficult and challenging times, Meditation essence is profoundly calming. It promotes a non-reactive attitude to a stressful situation, switches off worries, mental chatter, or obsessive/circular thought patterns to take you into a state of stillness or "no mind" that facilitates moving from the beta to alpha state required for meditation, trance work, journeying, shamanic and out of body experiences. It also amplifies and strengthens your intuitive powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and perception. It protect your aura from negative energies, releases tension, encourages you to breathe slowly and deeply, calms over-sensitivity to electromagnetic and geopathic stress, stops the "monkey-mind", clears confusion and increases mental clarity, order and concentration. It activates the pineal gland to open the third eye and crown chakras, and raises your vibrations during meditation, but it keeps you deeply in the present moment, and protects you from going into an overly expanded state of consciousness.
Links to adrenal function, nerves, hyperactivity, insomnia, lungs, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, oxygenation, geopathic and electromagnetic stress symptoms, generation of negative ions.
TAKE IT EASY (Combination Essence)
£ 7.25
TAKE IT EASY (Combination essence)

"Take It Easy" flower essence combination was made in on a snowy March day in 2006 by a group of Flower Essence practitioners at Buckland Hall, in the Brecon Beacons, not far from Crickhowell, where Dr. Edward Bach made several of his original flower essences. This essence is designed to help and prepare us for some big changes on Earth that have already begun to affect us, and that are expected to accelerate after 2012.  The essence helps us to detach ourselves from all the turbulent emotions, negative thought patterns and hype presently happening around us. It encourages us to go with the flow, and adjust to the many changes occurring now, from increases in the Earth’s naturally occurring Schumann frequency to the promotion of fear-based emotions by the media about worldwide financial problems, political issues, weather changes and pandemics. In particular, Snowdrop flower essence is helpful for releasing fear, as well as alleviating confusion and frustration. Hazel flower essence helps us to let go of self-imposed limitations and restrictions, so that we can advance and allow the inherent potential of our subtle DNA to unfold as the earth frequencies change. This is a very soothing essence that frees one’s mind from stress and frustration at the end of the day, particularly when one is over-tired, worrying too much and unable to switch off the mental chatter.
Take three to six drops under the tongue or in a glass of water at bedtime, for as long as is required.
It links to insomnia caused by changing geopathic energies.