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Once more unto the breach dear friends once more, or close this wall up with our English dead.

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man than modest stillness or humility.

But when the blast of war blows loud in our ears Then imitate the action of a tiger.

Stiffen up the sinews, summon up the blood and lend fair nature a terrible disguise....

Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry God for" the World, human rights and the Light

Henry V Speech before the Agincourt battle by William Shakespeare (except for the last 7 words)

This powerful combination flower and gem essence has been created to help those who seek truth, harmony and freedom to be able see through and release the machinations of politicians, the media and other dark forces at this time. It inspires, empowers, energizes and fortifies one, and provides one with the the ability to maintain high vibration spiritual awareness,mental and emotional stability,and the means to ward off and block dark forces operating from within and without one's being.

Amazon Sword Plant Hawaiian flower essence slices through lies, deliberate misinformation, media hype and hypnotic control, to reveal the truth.

Aspen Bach Flower essence banishes fearfulness, overcomes panic attacks, and provides one with a sense of inner calm.

Chlorite gem essence resonates with Raphael, the Archangel of healing and purification. It removes artificial constructs, entities, attachments, energetic implants and subtle level negative cultural/religious/race templates, to completely purify and realign all levels of one's being with optimum soul energy. It helps one to maintain mental and emotional stability.

Heliotrope gem essence (Bloodstone) banishes evil, keeps out undesirable entities, strengthens the blood,improves circulation, promotes courage and wisdom, dispels mental confusion, and helps one to confront threats but also to know when to strategically withdraw when it is more appropriate for one's safety.

Lapis Lazuli gem essence contacts spirit guardians to block psychic attack and return the dark energy to source. It reverses curses. It releases stress, promotes serenity and inner balance. and opens the third eye to access inner truth.

Stromatolite gem essence breaks apart and disperses all dark forces, energetic implants and attachments, and any limitations placed on/in the human vehicle.

Silver gem essence is for preventing energy vampirism.

Tibetan Black Quartz gem essence calls in Archangel Michael to protect you against evil and dark forces.

Empowerite gem essence is for empowering you with high vibration white light, and to help you make the right mental and spiritual decisions for yourself and for the World around you.

Limonite gem essence (Iron) is for strengthening and fortifying and one's energy levels. Links up uptake of oxygen.

Pyrites gem essence blocks out negative energy and pollutants on all levels. It deflects harm and danger to protect ones' being. It improves memory and overcomes emotional fatigue. Links to increased blood flow to the brain, energy.