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STOP PRESS: I am delighted to have launched two new essences: -  

THE ROSELINE ESSENCE was launched on the feast of Imbolc. You'll find the details of it in the SACRED PLACE RANGE.  The much needed "Overcoming Aggression"  essence has just now been added to the OVERCOMING BLOCKS TO HAPPINESS RANGE. 


The GAIA ESSENCES website offers  a wonderfully diverse and thoroughly researched range of essences here, brought together over a  number of years.

The essences are all made by me, Cathie Welchman. I have discovered only recently that I am what is known as an empath. I originally began creating  essences to overcome my over-sensitivity to negative energies.  My goal, through using Gaia essences, is to help everyone feel happy, contented and in charge of their destiny within their environment.  

I  make 15ml flower, gem and environmental essences, as well as super, uplifting essential oil and essence combinations in 10ml roll-on colognes, 15ml sprays and 50ml spritzers. You can find all the details of the essences by clicking on the range tabs to the left-hand side of this home page, and then scrolling down the pag(es).  Or, in the search box at the top of this page, you can the type the name of a flower/gem essence, or the benefit needed, to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.  The  Gem and Hawaiian essences ranges are two of the largest ranges in the World, plus I offer Angel Orchid, Bach Flower, Goddess, Lily,  Miasm, Pet, Personal Choice, Magdalene Flowers,  Overcoming Blocks to Happiness, Sacred Place environmental essences and Zhi essences.

The essences are professionally handmade in the rolling countryside of Devon, in the Languedoc (in France), in Egypt and on all of the main Hawaiian Islands.  

I have a number of essences for sale that are not yet listed on this website, such as Allium Globemaster, Comfrey and Pennyroyal flower essences, and Afghanite, Ammolite, Axinite, Clinohumite, Cryolite, Bixbite, Carnelian, Elestial Smoky Quartz, Gabbro, Grand Canyon Wonderstone, Greenlandite, Hauyne, Heubnerite, Limonite, Luxullianite, Marialite, Mica, Novaculite, Nunderite, Okenite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Phosphosiderite, Rainbow Covellite, Stichtite, Strombolite, Sulphur, Rosophia, Tibetan Quartz, Tibetan Tektite, Ussingite, Violet Flame Opal, Voegesite, Vulcanite and Winchite gem essences. If you would like to order any of the above please place an order for any single essence (at £6.25 each) and let me know by email or in the shipping info box on the order page that you wish to exchange the essence you ordered for one of the above unlisted essences. If you can't find what you are looking for, either above or in the main range listing, please send me your enquiry to,  as I may have it in stock. 

NB: Please note that our UK first class and International standard postal charges do not include  a tracking service or insurance against loss of the order in the post.  Most of the time all the orders do reach their destination, even if they are to go to far flung places such as Peru or Japan. In the very instance of an order being lost in the post, Gaia Essences will replace small UK or international orders of up to two essences. So, if you're placing a large Gaia Essences order, it may be safer to either split the order into two smaller orders, or to email me to enquire about the cost of insurance as soon as you know the cost of your order.  Please email me at the email address in the box below if you chose to insure/track your order.

Note on Therapies available  - I am a highly trained professional complementary therapist, with more than 20 years experience. If you would like to know more about what therapies  I offer please click on the "therapies available" tab on the left side of this page, below the essence ranges, for details of therapies on offer at Rainbow Therapy in mid Devon .

Please send any email enquiries to

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01884 259130

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What are Flower and Gem Essences?

Essences are made for the purpose of correcting out-of-balance mental and emotional states. Each bottle of essence (unless otherwise stated) holds a 50/50% combination of Scottish organic spring water containing the subtle signature of the gem/flower it has been exposed to, and French brandy - that acts as a fixative and preservative. The healing powers of flower essences was rediscovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. His work was based on Paracelsus' 16th century development of the doctrine of signatures.

Paracelsus' belief was that "Nature marks each growth... according to its curative benefit."

To make a flower essence, flower heads are immersed in spring water, and placed in sunshine for up to three hours. The subtle signature of what makes those particular flowers different from another flower species is then said to be held within the water molecules. The action of the sun's heat upon the water causes the hydrogen and oxygen bonds within it to temporarily separate. The flowers are then removed from the water and alcohol is added as a preservative and to fix the plant's subtle vibration within the water. A few drops of this mother essence are added to a 15ml bottle of water with alcohol to make a stock essence for sale to customers.

More recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated, through photographing ice crystals, that water carries the vibrations of anything that is put in contact with it, from flowers, gems and essential oils, to sounds and the surrounding environment.