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We have a wonderfully diverse range of essences  on this website, brought together for sale over quite a  number of years. We make flower, gem and environmental essences, as well as magical essential oil and essence combinations in roll-on colognes, sprays and spritzers. Our essences are professionally handmade made in the rolling green hills of Devon, in Languedoc (in France), in Egypt and on the Hawaiian Islands.  We also have a number of gem essences for sale that are not yet listed on this website, such as Bixbite, Carnelian, Mica, Oknite, Sulphur, Rosophia, Tibetan Quartz, Tibetan Tektite and Winchite etc. Please send me an email if you would like to order a gem essence that you can't find in the gem essence range, and I may be able to supply you with it.

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What are Flower and Gem Essences?

Essences are made for the purpose of correcting out-of-balance mental and emotional states. Each bottle of essence (unless otherwise stated) holds a 50/50% combination of Scottish organic spring water containing the subtle signature of the gem/flower it has been exposed to, and French brandy - that acts as a fixative and preservative. The healing powers of flower essences was rediscovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. His work was based on Paracelsus' 16th century development of the doctrine of signatures.

Paracelsus' belief was that "Nature marks each growth... according to its curative benefit."

To make a flower essence, flower heads are immersed in spring water, and placed in sunshine for up to three hours. The subtle signature of what makes those particular flowers different from another flower species is then said to be held within the water molecules. The action of the sun's heat upon the water causes the hydrogen and oxygen bonds within it to temporarily separate. The flowers are then removed from the water and alcohol is added as a preservative and to fix the plant's subtle vibration within the water. A few drops of this mother essence are added to a 15ml bottle of water with alcohol to make a stock essence for sale to customers.

More recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated, through photographing ice crystals, that water carries the vibrations of anything that is put in contact with it, from flowers, gems and essential oils, to sounds and the surrounding environment.