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ZEOLITEZEOLITE - Subtle Bodies Cleanse

Zeolite is a potent crystal combination belonging to the Tectoslicate mineral subclass. Its creation began when volcanoes erupted and ash and molten lava poured into the sea, causing a chemical reaction between the lava, ash and alkaline sea salt. Over thousands of years complex structures were formed, resulting in the creation of beautiful, shiny clear pale green, blue, yellow, pink or peach coloured crystal clusters, that contain minerals such Stilbite, Prehnite, Okenite, Pectolite, Apophyllite, Heulandite and Natrolite. Zeolite is an alchemical combination of the four elements of air, earth, water and fire. In ancient times Zeolite was used in sand dams by the Mayan people to effectively filter out all impurities and water-borne pathogenic organisms from their reservoirs.

Zeolite gem essence has the clever ability to recognize and remove all unnatural subtle substances from one's being. It filters out and cleanses away all impurities from one's subtle bodies, namely the aura, chakras and meridians, the intuitive part of the Pineal gland and the silver cord (the spirit's link to the body). Subtle level substances that Zeolite essences can remove include entity attachments, artificial constructs created by dark forces, dark force entrancement and brain-washing, current and ancestral instilled, negative belief patterns, karmic guilt, past-life vows and subtle level artificial DNA additions. It is recommended (but is not absolutely necessary) that Stromatolite or Chlorite gem essences are also used with Zeolite essence to speed up the process of cleansing the subtle bodies. Because Zeolite essence has the ability the recognize unnatural harmful subtle substances in one's body, it will also then block any of them from being re-introduced. For blocking the re-introduction of dark energies unnatural substances, rub a little Zeolite essence on the heart chakra as well as taking it orally. It can be rubbed on any of the other chakras and joints too, if desired.
Its other benefits include breaking self imposed limitations, alleviating past trauma, keeping you strong and brave in challenging times, clearing obstacles in your path, linking you to your higher self, overcoming bad habits and addictions, and helping you to reach your full potential.

Links to: dementia, mental imbalances, bloating, toxins and heavy metals removal, immune system support, gout, goiters, kidneys, bladder, thymus, diarrhea, PH balance, shoulders, chest, lungs, laryngitis, loss of taste, ligaments, circulation of the upper body.