YA AURA SHINE (Magdalene combination essence)

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YA AURA SHINE (Magdalene combination essence)Keywords: - Empowerment, core confidence, aura cleanse and shine, self-respect, enthusiasm, self worth, self-love, faith, optimism, security, aura protection, overcoming trauma, fears, self criticism & self depreciation, dissolving belief patterns, connection to light, re-integrating soul fragments, re-connecting heart & mind.

This Aura Shine flower and gem combination essence contains Rose, Globe Rampion, Cistus & Spanish Broom flower essences, & Erythrite, Eudialyte, Golden Topaz, Sunstone, Labradorite, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz & Zincite gem essences.

I feel there is an all-pervading, underlying belief pattern that causes modern humans to presume that big is better. This applies very much to men versus women. In general women are smaller than men. Because they are commonly viewed as "smaller versions of men", women are viewed as therefore less strong, less fast, less valuable, and with having smaller heads than men, also less intelligent than them. This is not the case at all, but shorter women, and shorter men to some degree, are subconsciously perceived by many to be less able. So smaller adults lose out in respect, faith and esteem from others before they even open their mouths, even in areas for which great strength is not required. For example would the average Western man pick Arnold Schwarzenegger to be mayor of California, or would he choose an equally qualified, but tiny female actress, who was only 4í10" in height? In many parts of the world women are disempowered to a large degree by this belief in "the size matters" pattern, banned from further education and a career, and treated as second rate citizens to men in all respects. So I studied people who are very successful in their field, but are shorter than the average man. Firstly I noticed that many make up for their lack of height by wearing very high heels, big hairstyles or expanding in girth instead! But what about those very successful people who remain slim and short. What have they got that brings them respect, esteem and recognition of their abilities? Firstly they all have an absolute passion for what they do. Secondly they have charisma and great self-confidence. Thirdly, through dowsing, I found that they all had a large, healthy and shining auras. It didnít matter what physical size they were, the size of their auras was the same size or larger than other physically much larger people than themselves, and was not dependant at all on their gender. And on a subconscious level we are all aware of how people feel about themselves through reading their auras.Then I set about making an combination essence and aura spray that would instil deep core confidence and enthusiasm for life, and re-instate a large and shining aura - one that could not be sabotaged, drained or deflated by oneís own or others belief patterns.Aura Shine essence is specifically designed to clear, brighten and expand the aura to an optimum and healthy size. A few drops can be taken by mouth under the tongue, added to water to drink, or rubbed into chakras, the back of the head or the soles of the feet. It contains a combination of four Magdalene flower essences and eight powerful gem essences. Erythrite has striking, deep magenta pink crystals. The essence made from it strengthens oneís core energy at every level. It instils confidence and personal empowerment, which arises from an unshakable assurance of inner strength (from Judy Hallís Crystal Bible 2). Spanish Broom essence brings hope and banishes pessimism. Globe Rampion essence helps to consolidate and unify all parts of the astral body, and also re-integrates soul fragments lost through trauma. Rutilated Quartz cleanses and infuses the aura with light energy. Zincite and Golden Topaz re-energise depleted energy systems. These essences instil courage and confidence, remove energy blocks and take out negative energy. They also provide protection against psychic attack. They instil passion for life and remove fears, phobias and constrictions, caused by current and past life trauma. Zincite releases painful memories and shock, which can lead to a aura shrinkage. It also overcomes feelings of disempowerment and an inability to make the necessary changes needed in oneís life. Golden Topaz clears and activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It helps one manifest desires, alleviates nervous exhaustion and aids in the recognition of oneís own abilities. Eudialyte, a pretty pink crystal, works on the base and heart chakras. Eudialyte and Rose essences align the chakra energy flows, to open the heart chakra for re-connection of spirit and mind with the emotional body. Eudialyte dispels dissatisfaction, jealousy, guilt, resentment, scarcity-mindedness, confusion, self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-depreciation. It encourages one to honour and respect oneself. It promotes self-forgiveness, and helps one to learn from mistakes. Labradorite sweeps away fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in oneself and trust in the Universe. It creates a force field around the aura to prevent energy leaks, and protects and strengthens the energies within. It also has the unique ability to remove other peopleís projections of oneself. Sunstone dissolves feelings of unworthiness and instils joie de vivre by instigating a profound connection to light. It encourages optimism, removes inhibitions and reverses feelings of failure. Cistus essence dispels inharmonious emotions and past trauma. Tourmalinated Quartz acts like a psychic vacuum cleaner, removing negative energy patterns, and purifying and repairing the auric field. It alleviates self-sabotage, and creates a bubble of light around the body to screen out destructive energies.Aura Shine essence links to first, second, third and fourth chakras, skin, hair, prostate glands, mid-life hormonal changes and posture.