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WAKE UP CALLWAKE UP CALL - Mind, Body Spirit Re-connection

This Sacred Place environmental, gem, flower and tuning fork combination essence was initially made in June 2021 to aid in reconnecting one' s mind, body and spirit through the re-opening of our third eye, Pineal glands and Alta major chakras, in order to reinstate a fully functioning link between our intuitive and intellectual faculties, and to remind us that we are spirits having a human experience. On the Michael and Mary energy lines at St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall and on a Michael and Mary line cross-over point at Burrow Mump, Amethyst Trigonic quartz, Mystic Merlinite, Stromatolite and Tree Agate high vibration crystals, plus resin-rich pine needles were chosen to collect and anchor the Michael/Mary Earth energies within the essence spring water, in order to link us in to the consciousness-expanding energies that Mother Earth is now carrying through those energy lines.  She continues to be flooded with high-vibrational energies from the higher dimensional beings and the Universe, and has also been gifted with the Diamond light Template set deep within her being in order to advance the spiritual evolution of all her inhabitants. (See Diamond Light Template essence details in the Sacred Place Range) Following further research, Bach Flower Aspen essence, Chlorite (Phantom Quartz), Fire and Ice Quartz, Fluorapatite, Holly Blue Agate, Larimar, Pietersite, and Quantum Quattro gem essences, and the Third Eye opening tuning fork essence were added later.

In past times the church sought mind control over people during the time of Inquisition. Today it appears that World Governments are now striving to gain mind control over their populations through the use of political propaganda, emotional blackmail, A.I., statistical misinformation, pseudo-science, media enchantment and fear-mongering Their agenda is designed to result in mass mind programming and a closing down of original thought, individual choice and the use of balanced intellect together with intuition.

The Pineal gland is known for its regulation of circadian rhythms through the  production of serotonin and melatonin. But it also plays a very large part in governing our reality and view of the World around us, starting from a very young age. With the help of the Alta Major chakra at the base of the skull, it collates our individual and unique memories and experiences to provide us with a logical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive answer to any views and beliefs we have come to experience as being correct and moral, and which will influence our decision-making abilities on a daily basis. At a time when humanity is said to be taking a leap in spiritual progress and evolution, with the Alta Major chakra playing a major part in accelerating and expanding consciousness through channeling higher dimension vibrations into our being via the Pineal, damaging A.I., EMF pollution, fluoride, radiation, defence transmissions etc. are now negatively affecting the ability of our sensitive Pineal glands to provide us with the mental and emotional discernment and spiritual guidance we need, so leading to confusion, anxiety, fear and emotional imbalance, and resulting a greater need to rely on authority to tell us how to think and what to believe.

KEYWORDSRestoring third eye intuitive functions, subconscious fear release, speaking your truth, removing artificial constructs, evolutionary progress, subtle genetic programming repair, soul protection, consciousness evolution,war gene dis-encodement, cleansing, energy blocks release, spiritual awareness enhancement, dissolving hypnotic commands and entrancement, entity detachment, inner guidance, psychic attack guard, centring, grounding, common sense., hypertension.

AMETHYST TRIGONIC QUARTZ is a crystal that has been programmed by higher vibration beings to assist in the spiritual evolution of humanity, by fully opening up higher dimensional chakras such as the Alta major chakra at the base of the skull, to prepare humanity for an influx of higher vibration energies. Trigonic Quartz essence dissolves the "war” gene encoded within humanity and re-integrates soul fragments lost through extreme trauma. The Amethyst element in this essence balances and connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies by linking them to the spiritual. It enhances memory, calms the mind, facilitates the decision-making process and enhances common sense and spiritual strength.
MYSTIC MERLINITE (AKA Indigo Gabbro) - Mystic Merlinite essence resonates with the third eye to increase intuitive and psychic abilities. It strengthens one's connection to the elemental realms and nature spirits. It releases deeply held emotional patterns and wounds, and outdated contracts and beliefs that are acting as a barrier to spiritual growth. It is a grounding essence that allows us to channel the beneficial energies of the earth in order to create a protective energetic shield around us.
RESIN-RICH PINE NEEDLES - This essence releases feelings of guilt, worry,self-blame or confusion that may be the result of others' use of deliberate, repetitive emotional blackmail e.g.: calling one "selfish” or "irresponsible” when not doing what the the blackmailers illogically demand.
STROMATOLITE is a very ancient fossilized form of algae, that once thrived in shallow, tropical seas. Stromatolite assists with Earth cleansing and healing by repairing and activating the Earth's meridians and energy lines. Stromatolite essence is an excellent support for us during difficult times of challenging changes. It aligns us with the natural balanced flows of the Earth to remove meridian blockages, alien attachments/implants, spells, ill-wishing, artificial patterns ,enchantment, hypnotic commands, and harmful mental programmes that have been deeply ingrained within one. It helps you to stand your ground and maintain your view when others around you have fallen for the illogical propaganda of politicians, media and quack scientists who are insisting on global conformation to their agenda.
TREE AGATE is an Earth and environmental aid to mental and emotional balance. Tree Agate essence has a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits. It instils a feeling of safety in the most challenging of situations, imparting strength and perseverance,
ASPEN Bach flower essence releases unconscious fears, and emboldens you to make decisions in your best interests.
CHLORITE (PHANTOM QUARTZ) is a soft green mineral held with clear quartz crystals as they began to form. It resonates with Raphael, the Archangel traditionally linked to healing and purification. Chlorite essence is is a good environmental purifier. It smashes apart alien constructs, detaches entities, and removes implanted symbols and visual templates. It energetically removes toxins at every level,such as fluoride found in toothpaste and treated water, that can cause calcification of the Pineal gland, which is said to lead to the loss of all intuitive senses, and is also claimed to play a part in causing dementia.. Chlorite gem essence alleviates anxiety and panic attacks, and helps to re-programme subtle cellular memory to assist one's highest potential
FIRE AND ICE QUARTZ - This essence is a light bringer for opening the Third Eye, activating expanded consciousness and assisting in the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants. It works through the Pineal gland to rebalance the etheric, causal and higher spiritual bodies. It is an essence for new beginnings and profound spiritual growth.
FLUORAPATITE is a catalyst for change and is a useful tool in conflict resolution. Fluoropatite essence enhances the properties of other gemessences when added to a combination with them. It realigns thespiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, buffers the demandsof the external World, and provides one with the ability to channelcosmic energies through one's being. It also instils clarity ofthought that helps one to make the right decisions.  
HOLLY BLUE AGATE is a gentle soft blue stone. Its essence stimulates the higher crown chakras to connect with the heart and Third Eye chakras to increase intuition and spiritual insight. It opens the Alta Major chakra at the base of the skull, and grounds high spiritual vibration energies coming into one from other realms, so that they can benefit the material World. It removes karmic encrustations, alien implants and outdated ancestral programming.
LARIMAR gem essence connects to the Earth Goddess and stimulates evolution of life on Earth. It opens the Third Eye, raises one's consciousness and harmonizes mind, body and spirit to new higher vibrations.It empowers one to speak the truth from the heart, with assistance from angelic realms and communications from higher realms. It removes attached entities and energy blockages, ameliorates emotional extremes and promotes clear and constructive thought.
PIETERSITE- Links everyday consciousness to the spiritual, reminding one that you are a spirit having a a human experience. Pietersite essence stimulates the Third Eye and the Pineal gland to enhance intuitive abilities. It removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by those in authority, It helps you to recognize the truth or lies of others. It dissolves stubborn blockages and dispels confusion. It releases one from vows and promises made in the past, and promotes walking your own truth. It energises the meridian pathways of the body.
QUANTUM QUATTRO - a green, blue and turquoise combination of Dioptase,Malachite, Shattuckite, Chrysocolla and Smoky Quartz, grounds spiritual energies onto the planet ,allowing information to flow freely from all levels of one's being. Quantum Quattro gem essence neutralises and protects one from negative energies and pollutants.It breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It removes hypnotic commands, reverses destructive emotional programming and releases the need to control others. It is especially helpful when you do not know what to do next.
THIRD EYE TUNING FORK – The vibration of this essence opens the Third Eye to enhance psychic vision and the ability to recognize deceit, lies and misinformation.
LINKS TO: Pineal and Pituitary glands, endocrine system, all higher chakras, brain, lymphatic system, fluid balance, cartilage, throat, joints, blood, circulation, immune system,lungs, heart, digestive tract, subtle 12 strand DNA activation, reproduction and urinary tracts, anxiety and panic attacks, cellular memory, metabolism,liver, feet, legs, food absorption, bones, Thymus, headaches,dementia, Parkinsons, psychiatric imbalances, blood oxygenation, T cells, blood pressure, fatigue, shock.