VIVIANITE - Emotional Rejuvenation

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VIVIANITE - Emotional RejuvenationVIVIANITE - Emotional Rejuvenation

The essence made from this vivid green-blue, transparent gemstone blade offers subtle body nourishment, to stimulate emotional recovery from trauma and emotional imbalance. It strengthens the heart chakra to heal self-inflicted wounds, and dispel low self-esteem or feelings of inferiority. It clears disharmonious energies from oneís auric field, and negativity from oneís thoughts. It promotes harmony and neutralises frustration, anxiety, and judgement of others. It inspires empathy and generosity of spirit. It draws out excess stimulation, worry and hurt, and replaces them with peace and calm, This Vivianite essence can reverse the spin of the crown chakra where necessary, to help with properly grounding the subtle body onto the earth plan. This is especially helpful for those who donít feel at home on the earth plane. It soothes those professional or non-professional caregivers, who are suffering from exhaustion or burn-out, by connecting them with the subtle ocean of Universal love. It encourages one to set realistic goals and to make time for leisure activities and rest.
Links to immune system, eye conditions, veins, spinal alignment, heart, liver, memory, cellular memory, cellular repair, free-radicals release, regeneration, assimilation of iron and anaemia,