VESUVIANITE - Courage To Change

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VESUVIANITE - Courage To ChangeVESUVIANITE - Courage to Change

This essence was made from the more traditional pink and green Vesuvianite, also known as Idocrase, and from the more recently discovered deep port-coloured Chinese Vesuvianite. This highly energetic essence is particularly useful for those going through or needing to make major life changes. It aligns the will with the heart, to provide the courage and enthusiasm to make changes in oneís job, relationships, habit patterns, home life, thoughts and emotions. It releases unconscious fears, limiting beliefs and negative attachments, to aid one in manifesting oneís heartís desires. It ground excess mental energy, dispels anger, insecurity and worry, and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover new things. It promotes diplomacy and co-operation, but also aids the timid in overcoming fear of confrontation.
Links to tooth enamel, sense of smell, varicose and spider veins, tissue strength and assimilation of nutrients.