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Vanadinite is a deep, ruby red crystal that activates the lower three chakras, to instil desire, action and production. It provides the drive, stamina and sustainability to complete creative goals or work projects. It removes stagnation and apathy, and promotes endurance, persistence and willpower. Links mind centres with lower chakras to promote clarity, organisation, determination and vitality, for achieving tasks that require hard work. Helps one to focus and remain free of distraction. Helps those working in specialized fields, such as athletes, writers and journalists to achieve their aims and meet deadlines. Overcomes writer’s block. Combats drowsiness and fatigue, when having to work long hours to fulfil commitments. It provides both stamina and grounding. Helps one to stay linked with the body without diminishing one’s connection to higher realms, so is useful for channelling, mediumship and psychic readings. Also curbs overspending and the squandering of energy. (NB: This essence has been made using the indirect method).
Links to chronic exhaustion, bladder, hormones and menopause.