TRIGONIC QUARTZ - Set Your Intention. Make It Happen

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TRIGONIC QUARTZ - Set Your Intention. Make It HappenTRIGONIC QUARTZ - Set Your Intention. Make It Happen

It is time. The Trigonic Quartz is a unique white or clear crystal point that has been gifted to humanity by the Trigonic people. The Trigonics are a group of humans who live on Earth at a higher dimension in places of legend, such as Shambhala or Shangri La. They have physically etched many downward-facing triangles into the Trigonic Quartz faces, which is seemingly impossible in nature. It is said that the triangles are codes to expand human consciousness to re-awaken the 10 holographic DNA codes held in the etheric blueprint. This Trigonic Quartz essence was potentised using sound and sunlight. It is important for  "awakened humans" now to "set their intention and make it happen" in order to keep their energies strong and positive and not be dragged down to a lower frequency by the negative vibrations currently reigning on Earth. Trigonic Quartz essence will help you raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. Take a few drops under the tongue or in mineral water morning and night, put one drop to your crown chakra, and perhaps rub a drop around your navel with your finger in a clockwise direction. If you feel fearful set your intention and expect to make it happen that you draw protective beings to you (the "Dakini" or angels) to keep you safe. Set your intention to release bad habits that drain you of energy. (Perhaps also take "Overcoming Addiction" essence in the "Overcoming Blocks to Happiness" range as well to overcome obsessions.)  Eat fresh food where possible and avoid food that contains man-made chemicals. Find a place to breathe in fresh air and take some kind of exercise every day. Avoid those who feed off your energies by constantly being critical or negative, or who rely on you to tell them what to think/do all the time, Laugh/sing every day. Appreciate the feeling of being loved every day, whether its your partner, children, pets or other animals, or appreciating a beautiful scene in nature the Earth provides. Give out love to others and feel gratitude when it is returned. Word your intentions in a positive way. For instance "I see myself linking up with positive people". Set your intention and make it happen for all of the above. There is no need to ask for your desired outcome to happen. Just expect that they will happen, just like you expect the sun to rise in the morning and the plants to grow. Trigonic Quartz essence will assist you. 

If your intention is to change or stop something that is having a negative effect globally so that humanity can benefit, be healed, be free and experience joy and love during these particular times, take a few drops of Trigonic Quartz and rub a drop into any chakra that feels appropriate for your intention.  Then state your intention and make/expect it to happen. Word your intention in a positive way. For instance if you want to go on holiday and you have the money to do so, imagine how you will feel when you  have easily arrived at your holiday destination without any difficulties. If you choose, you might want to extend your "prayer-field" to your holiday destination to help you imagine what it will be like when you get there. (See James Redfield's "The Secret of Shambhala" book, available on Amazon.) As you state your intention imagine you have linked up with all the other lightworkers on Earth, who have the same particular intention/desire as you. The Dakini/angels will help you. See them as points of light all over the Earth, and know that whatever you desire to restore, change, stop, raise the  frequency of humanity etc, those lightworkers whose lights you see are linking up with you to assist in making it happen. Be patient and expect it to happen at the right moment in Divine time. You can repeat your intention as many times as feels appropriate.

Trigonic Quartz essence works for the benefit of all humanity, and it cannot be used for harm. A few drops placed in spring water can also be added to baths, rivers or seawater to dissolve the "war-gene" encoded into the human energy system, to bring about the resolution of conflict.

Links to: higher heart chakra (thymus), Soma, Soul star and Stellar gateway chakras, brain, light-bodies, soul, lymphatic system, fluid balance, joints, kidneys.