TREMOLITE - Silencing the Monkey Mind

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TREMOLITE - Silencing the Monkey MindTREMOLITE - Silencing the Monkey Mind

Tremolite is a rather special high vibration, sparkly, light green crystal from Tanzania. The essence draws in chi/prana, and fills one with a great feeling of release from negative thinking. It instils profound peace, harmony and clarity and composure, and helps one to release chaotic energies, emotional baggage, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, stress and worry. Tremolite essence also offers strength and courage to those in difficult situations, and helps sensitive people to feel more secure. This essence is particularly helpful to take before facing a challenge, or when one is trying to relax or go to sleep, but is plagued by "monkey mind" concerns, when as fast as one worry is dealt with, another one pops up. Examples of "monkey mind" thinking are "Did I do everything right today?, have I forgotten anything?, should I have done this or that?, what have I got to do tomorrow?, how can I fit everything in? Am I good/quick/clever enough?, what if this or that happens?, should I cancel/not turn up?, what will they think of me?, supposing they hate me? What if I can't do it?, what will happen if I fail, what will they ask me?, will I make a fool of myself?, what if I have a panic attack?", etc, etc. Tremolite essence is best used later in the day, Before meditation or sleep place a few Tremolite essence drops under the tongue. Under the right conditions this powerful essence can also be used to activate the pineal gland and expand ones' consciousness. It opens up new subtle neural pathways in the brain to open the third eye, crown and soul star chakras, and the stellar gateway. This action then offers one direct access to higher guidance and higher dimensional morphic fields of knowledge, which allows one access to information without prior knowledge of the subject/history. The essence also amplifies the energies of specific thoughts or prayers.
Links to oxygenation of blood, lungs, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, shortness of breath, panic attacks, heart, neurotransmitters, immune system, M.E, C.F.S.