TOURMALINE (BLACK) - Merlin's Cloak

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TOURMALINE (BLACK) - Merlin's CloakTOURMALINE (BLACK) - Merlin's Cloak

Transmutes and purifies negative energy, such as environmental pollutants, cell phone radiation & electromagnetic smog. Helps to rid one of negative thoughts, anxieties, worry, anger or feelings of unworthiness. Assists those who need protection. Protects against victimisation, psychic attack, spells and ill-wishes. Disperses gloom, stress, and obsessive behaviour.
Links to heavy metals, coccyx, neck tension, adrenals, intestinal problems, stomach ache, body waste, constipation, bloating, heart, brain hemispheres balance, immune system, metabolism, dyslexia, arthritis, spinal column, jet lag, sciatica.