TIFFANY STONE - Higher Dimensional Guidance

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TIFFANY STONE - Higher Dimensional GuidanceTIFFANY STONE - Higher Dimensional Guidance

Tiffany stone is found in only one mine in Utah, USA. It a complex mix of violet, black and white minerals, formed from two million year-old, pressurised volcanic ash. Tiffany Stone essence aids communication skills and helps to develop one's intuitive and metaphysical talents. It assists in connecting one to higher dimensional guidance and in interpreting channelled information. It promotes persistence and emotional strength. It encourages open-mindedness and receptivity, enhances mental acuity and supports academic study. It assists the free flow of energy of energy through the meridians, and removes, cleanses and energises all the chakras.
Links to crown and brow chakras, bones, ligaments, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, libido, tantric practices.