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The Roseline Essence - Balancing male and female energies

"Everything in the Universe is electricity and magnetism within a field" - Tesla

 Today is Imbolc. The 1st February is the Celtic feast day of Brigid, the Goddess of fire and water. After weeks of research, it seems a fitting day to launch the Roseline Essence. The Roseline Essence was potentised in 2 places on the Roseline telluric energy line in Paris. This "ley" line was originally initiated by Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, using  the principles of "As above, so below" that Mary had specifically trained for in Greece. The Roseline's primary purpose is to balance the male and female energetic divisions of the brain and body in the individual, through connecting the heart and mind, and thereby expanding human consciousness. These two yin/yang energies function like a battery. Their energies fuel one's life force. Out of balance male/female energies within the individual lead to a lack of well-being.  When these energies are out of balance it may eventually result in one-sided muscle tension, headaches, extreme aggressiveness, manic or clinical depression, sinusitis, runny noses, lack of emotion, lethargy, disorganisation, fluid blockages or heart attacks.

About the original Roseline On the 1st February, a couple of thousand years ago, Mary and Jeshua opened up a new portal. Their intention was to initiate a new telluric energy line for the benefit of mankind to come. It would reach up to Dunkirk on the Northern coast of France and down past Rennes Les Bains in the South. In Paris, they stood in a sacred grove with it's tall Three Sisters menhirs and healing spring, and were surrounded by the burning torches of their Druid guardians.  

The stars of the Cygnus (the swan) constellation, in its clipped winter form, were clearly visible on the N/NW horizon in the dark sky. The swan is the Goddess Brigid's power animal. Imbolc was celebrated as the return of the (Whooper) swans from Celtic lands to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, thus bringing a promise of new life. The Cygnus constellation is sited in the middle of a dark strip (the Dark Rift) within the Milky Way. Ancient peoples believed that, after death, souls returned to the sky world through the Great Rift. A star in the Cygnus constellation sends out irregular bursts of radiation towards Earth. It is the only known distant stellar radiation, outside our own, to pierce the  Earth and decay underground as visible flashes (called "cygnets") on the retinas of those saw them, causing a them to experience a sensation of bliss. Some now link the timing of the radiation bursts to periods of accelerated evolution in  mankind's history. 

Opening the portal created a diurnal, telluric current to flow within the Earth. It started to flow northwards towards the central stone of the Three Sisters menhirs, carrying with it Mother's Earth's "heart bliss" energies accessed in the portal The telluric current also picked up the energies of the healing crystals Mary and Jeshua had placed on the ground to guide its pathway. As the current passed under the middle stone of the Three Sisters menhir it was drawn up to the surface by the spiral energies in the menhir. The spiral was created by the crossing points of a world-wide W/E and S/N linked, electro-magnetic Earth energy current and a sacred healing stream. Mary and Jeshua touched their palms to the menhir to joyfully absorb its combined, beneficial Earth energies, before imparting their arcane knowledge into the telluric current. This knowledge would provide those who chose their the gift of attaining balance in the left/right side, male/female energies of their brains and bodies, in order to expand their consciousnesses. Then, due to the piezoelectric properties of the menhir, the combined currents were pulsed back down the spiral into the Earth, and to carry along a pre-prepared course to Dunkirk. 

At dawn the following day, the yin energies of the Roseline current then began to flow southwards through a fault line in the Paris basin. Mary and Jeshua began the long walk southwards too, removing any blocks to the flow of the Roseline telluric current along the way.  On the Roseline's southward journey, especially as it re-passed the site of the central menhir of the Three Sisters, this Earth yin energy current attracted the yang energies of the sky, known today as the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann resonance is a diurnal, pulsating, quasi-standing wave, created by the interaction of the sun and the Earth's magnetic fields. It's 7.9Hz pulses are said to b  the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Our brain frequencies exactly mirror those of the Schumann Resonance. They are essential for our well-being. Artificial Schumann Resonators had to be installed in space stations to prevent astronauts from making increasingly irrational decisions, getting migraines, and eventually suffering from serious mental imbalances.

How the Gaia Essences Roseline Essence was made. The Gaia Essences' Roseline essence was made in Paris. The essence's first potentisation was on the actual Roseline, using spring water from a source connected to the original Celtic sacred grove spring. Crystals were placed around the site to draw in The Schumann Resonance current. Then the water was taken to a second Roseline site, right next to the original portal. The first Roseline potentised water was further potentised in a rose quartz bowl carrying a heart- shaped rose quartz crystal, to enhance and concentrate Mother Earth's deep, nurturing love for life on it's surface. The Roseline's currents, its original added crystal energies and Mary and Jeshua's programmed messages to enable the balance of male/female energies were enhanced within the essence water, even after 2,000 years, because of the electrical conductivity of a brass line that ran right over the same path as the original Roseline.

Uses of the Roseline Essence Deception is currently at an all time high. In this environment of fake news and lies spouted out from all communication channel and by politicians, scientists, drug companies, health establishments, educators, food manufacturers and religious leaders. Never before have we needed to expand our consciousnesses so much to enable us to confidently differentiate truth from lies. The programmed messages that Mary and Jeshua added to the Roseline current are designed to balance the individual's male/female energies for our well-being and the for expansion of our consciousnesses. 

This Roseline essence benefits truth seekers by promoting the expansion of consciousness, to enable us to confidently make the right important, personal life and everyday decisions, knowing that the information we choose to believe or act upon will enhance and enrich our happiness. The essence promotes calm objectivity in a crisis. It balances the intellect with the emotions to bring inner stability. It enhances our perceptive intuitive faculties to a level where, eventually, more and more of us will be able to see or sense deception or lies in the aura surrounding the perpetrator, so that those who practise deception will no longer be able to benefit from doing it. 

Mary and Jeshua added the beneficial energies of Obsidian, Clear Quartz and Magnetite crystals to the Roseline current. Obsidian is volcanic lava, with a dark, glass like quality to it. The presence of Obsidian energy in the Roseline essence makes it strongly protective. It expands consciousness by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner which removes unconscious thoughts and patterns that inhibit one's spiritual growth. It grounds spiritual forces into the physical plane, making it possible to manifest spiritual talents on Earth. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.. It promotes objectivity and clears confusion and constricting beliefs.  Within the Roseline essence Magnetite energies connect one's base and earth chakras to the nurturing energies of the Earth, to sustain and balance the subtle life force running through the meridians. Clear Quartz is a superb conductor and enhancer of energies within the Roseline and its essence. It raises one's energy to the highest possible level,  to access higher frequency energies that expand consciousness, and help one to become a vessel for the light of the Divine.

Because most of us don't sit around meditating and fasting in caves, and our weaker brain waves have to put up with living in a confusing network of stronger electromagnetic energies emanating from communication systems in the sky and on the ground, the Roseline essence effects are likely to be subtle at first. But gradually you'll notice that your intuition, perception, compassion and love of nature are increasing. You'll also sense when someone really needs your help, or whether you need to avoid them because they are energy drainers. Eventually a point will be reached where your individual male/female energies generally remain in an improved state of balance, and your consciousness has expanded to a state where you no longer have any need for the Roseline essence.

Directions for use: Regularly take up to ten drops daily by mouth or in a glass of mineral water, either before meditating or before retiring to bed. 

Links to: one-sided muscle aches, cramp, sports injuries, fatigue, asthma, sadness, digestion, aggression, migraines, heart problems, hardened arteries, circulation, sinusitis, apathy, immune system.