THE PHOENIX - New Beginnings

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THE PHOENIX - New Beginnings


(Sacred Place Essence)

New Beginnings

This Phoenix Sacred Place combination essence contains the Avebury High Priestess Stone environmental essence together with Anandalite, Astaraline, Cacoxenite, Cryolite, Fire and Ice Quartz, Heliodor, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Libyan Gold Tektite, Kyanite, Peacock Ore, Rainbow Hematite and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences, and Glastonbury HolyThorn, Sacred Lotus, Lilium Longiflorum, White Cattleya Orchid and Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid flower essences.

"Your past doesnot equal your future unless you choose to live there” - TonyRobinson

Keywords: Endings, new beginnings, the Great Awakening, leaving the past behind, death, resurrection, rebirth, ascension, Osiris, the magician, the High Priestess, Ra, appropriate use of will, abundance,joy, enlightened leadership, transition, light energy grounding,descent of the dove, activation of the Divine blueprint for vibrational ascension, protection of light body gestation,consciousness expansion, spiritual awakening, freedom, light body activation, enlightenment, new universal energy pathway, harmonizing duality into unity.

The legendary Phoenix bird, also known as the Bennu by ancient Egyptians, was used by early Christians as a symbol to represent Christ's death and resurrection.Its next rebirth, out of the ashes of its former self, is said to be taking place on the Winter Solstice of 2020, when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in 0 deg. of Aquarius, It heralds a new beginning with the full entry of the Earth and her inhabitants into the age of Aquarius. The rebirth of the Phoenix also signals the return of the High Priestess (Isis, The Magdalene) and the Magician(Osiris,Yeshua), who will disseminate the sacred teachings of the Way once more, to help expand our consciousness, in order to transform duality into unity in preparation for our ascension into higher dimensions.

On a personal level this Phoenix flower and gem essence combination is for guiding us on our own journey towards Ascension. It can provide a direct link through our higher self to the 5th dimension and beyond, in order to call upon assistance from Enlightened beings along the way, and whenever we need help to achieve our soul purpose goals. (Remember to protect yourself in the usual way from negative entities in the 3/4th dimensions before you link to higher dimensions.) This essence instils courage and passion, love, joy and compassion to help us with what we are about to go through, as we move into a new era, ultimately achieving a higher dimensional state.

The beautiful Phoenix bird, with its flashy feathers of indigo, red and gold, is represented in this essence by the multi-hued Peacock ore crystal. It's alchemical properties help to transform our whole being into a higher vibrationary state, The High Priestess essence was made in  one of the large stones in the stone circle at Avebury. She is the guardian of the subconscious mind and the teacher of sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries. She instils spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination and wisdom. The Magician (representing male energy/Christos consciousness) is the conduit of positive intent and is the guardian of the conscious mind and the tangible World. The Libyan Gold Tektite presents endings and new beginnings. It carries the alchemical powers of the Magician due to its transformation into a clear golden crystal when a meteorite collided with the Earth in a fiery explosion. The Glastonbury Holy Thorn flower essence was made from the Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill. It represents resurrection. It was said to have sprouted from the wooden staff of Joseph of Arimathea when he pushed it into the ground. Similarly the sweetly scented Lilium Longiflorum appears in pictures of Mother Mary at the time of her conception, and is often the flower chosen for for funerals and during the lead up to Easter. The DNA of Orchids is the most evolved of any plant on Earth. Because of this they have the ability to align one with one's soul purpose. Lapis Lazuli essence blocks psychic attack and stimulates enlightenment. Astaraline essence activates our divine blueprint for vibrational ascension and provides protection for the gestation of our light bodies. Rainbow Hematite essence stimulates the activation the Rainbow Body of light. It is wonderful for the ordering and proper placement of the new higher dimensional energies that are coming in now. It can also help to alleviate any ascension pains. Cryolite essence purifies the subtle bodies, and frees one from any constraints of outmoded belief systems, to allow more higher dimensional light to enter ones being, to help raise one's consciousness. It blocks out mind control and clears away any etheric pests, implants or energetic parasites. Cacoxenite essence raises the vibrations of one's physical self. It grounds the highest spiritual light, heightens spiritual awareness and increases receptivity to new ideas The Fire and Ice Quartz crystal essence represents opposites coming together in perfect unity. It promotes the assimilation of Christ consciousness energies. Kyanite essence grounds spiritual vibrations and aligns all the chakras and subtle bodies. It cuts through ignorance and dispels illusion, anger, frustration and stress, as well as helping one to leave the past behind. Heliodor essence links with the energies of the sun God Ra. It instils in one the Celestial ray of knowledge and learning. It banishes ignorance and opens one's higher consciousness. Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence opens the Alta Major chakra and initiates the building of a whole new subtle network for regulating our physical functions, which is designed to replace the Schumann Resonance wavelength. Anandalite essence initiates multiple levels of spiritual awakening. It also assists with planetary alignment to stimulate the vibrationary evolution of the Earth. It integrates duality into unity. It harmonizes the new vibration in our beings so that our complete self benefits from the quantum uplift. It rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate a massive energy shift into enlightenment on Earth. It deconstructs detrimental older energy structures and activates and harmonizes the lightbody, to prepare the central nervous system for a vibrationary shift. The Sacred Lotus essence enhances the action of any other essences it comes into contact with.

Links to:Adrenaline regulation, hormones, anaemia, brain function,electrolyte balance, nervous system, blood sugar management, Crohn's disease, IBS, stomach upset, metabolism, crown chakra, chakra alignment, DNA, RNA, pineal and pituitary glands, cell stabilisation, immune system, red and white blood cell de-clumping, inflammation alleviation, muscular system, rashes, excess of fluoride, respiratory system, reproductive organs, ulcers, urinary tracts, heart, yin-yang balance.