THE MYSTIC CHALICE - Haven of Unconditional Love

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THE MYSTIC CHALICE - Haven of Unconditional LoveTHE MYSTIC CHALICE - Haven of Unconditional Love

This essence was made with the help of the Mystic Chalice vision that appeared and was photographed on the top of Glastonbury Tor on 12.12.12 and with Rose Aura Quartz and Sceptre Quartz essences made on 12.11.21 on the Tor.  The complementary and further energetic enhancement of Amphibole phantom Angel Wing, Ajoite, Anandalite,  Auralite 23, Cathedral Quartz, Celestite,  Danburite, Fire and Ice Quartz, Flame Aura Quartz, Eye of the Storm, Labradorite, Malachite, Mystic Merlinite, Selenite and Sugilite gem essences and Hawaiian Acacia, Glastonbury Holy Thorn, Pink Yarrow and White Phalaenopsis orchid flower essences were also added to this very special combination essence.

KEYWORDS:Haven of calm, defrazzler, sanctuary of peace, protection, grounding,gentle bliss, feeling you're not alone without help, protection from negative energies, energy vampires and negative thought forms,releasing long-serving patterns, standing in your own power, letting go your worries and stress, providing a boost of unconditional love.

Purpose of the Mystic Chalice essence:  This essence has two main purposes. First, it creates a protective aura of sanctuary around one, in order to block out distracting thoughts, negative feelings, worries, stress, dark energies in order to create a safe place for unconditional love to enter one's being.Then within this protective shield one is enfolded with much needed unconditional love from higher realms, to enable one cope with the difficult conditions being experienced on the Earth plane in present times.

Directions for use: It is a gentle essence, despite containing powerful, higher dimensional energies.It will takes around a few days to a week of daily use before it starts to make its benefits felt. The best easy way to take this essence is either at bedtime or before starting a meditation. Another way it can be used is to find a beautiful, growing flower or an attractive plant that you like. Take the Mystic Chalice essence under you tongue and then stare at the plant/flower for a while. When you're ready, send it love, tell it how beautiful it is, and how lucky you are to experience its beauty. As you send it love, the unconditional love energies of the Mystic Chalice essence will flow though you into the flower/plant, and you will notice its colour becoming brighter, more saturated or softly glowing. You can practice the same procedure on a person or animal too. You may not notice an increase in colour, but you may sense an aura of calm enveloping them. Around 12 drops of this essence can also be added to room temperature spring water in a small atomiser to be sprayed in places or on animals lacking in unconditional love. Also, when you have take a certain amount of this Mystic Chalice essence it is possible, with intent, to pass Yeshua's gift of unconditional love on to someone just by giving them a big hug or holding their hands. It is then that person's subconscious choice as to whether they choose to accept that love or or not.

It is said that Joseph of Arimathea carried Yeshua's drinking vessel from the Last Supper with him to Glastonbury, where the King Arivagus had gifted him 12 "hides” (a hide was about 120 acres of land.) for him and his kin to settle there. At the Last supper Yeshua shared his wine vessel and pieces of bread with each of his apostles,symbolically using the vittals to represent his blood and body. It is said he imbued them with a source of higher dimension unconditional/universal love through sharing his wine and bread to help them to maintain an emotional balance and to tolerate the difficult times they would face after his crucifixion.

The chalice stayed with Joseph and his heirs for several hundred years. It was filled with blessed water and used in baptismal rites until a time when there were numerous invasions from foreign lands and the power of the Roman church was increasing, so it became increasingly likely to be destroyed or  stolen. So the legendary Merlin took it into a higher dimension out of harm's way, and the lost chalice became known as the "Graal”.

However,according to Dion Fortune, in her book "Glastonbury - Avalon of the Heart”, the Mystic Chalice or Graal is still in Glastonbury. It is held in a higher dimension right above St. Michael's tower on the Tor, and that's where I was standing when I photographed the magenta pink chalice with a wonderful multi-coloured flame arising from it. At the time I was using a  little camera filter that is designed to reveal magnetic Earth energies on sacred sites. But Earth Energies all show up as plain, vertical, broad, coloured stripes arising from the Earth, not objects.

I did a shamanic journey to ask permission for the Mystic Chalice's unconditional love energies to be imbued in the water I placed over the Chalice picture, and combined that with the Rose Aura Quartz and the Sceptre Quartz I potentised up on the Glastonbury Tor on 12.11.21, and then further preserved and enhanced its power with 19 other complementary flower and gem essences.
Links to: insomnia, emotional balance, protection from dark forces, negative attachments and energy vampires, removes hatred and prejudice.