THE LABYRINTH - Equalizing Male and Female Energy Flows

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THE LABYRINTH - Equalizing Male and Female Energy FlowsTHE LABYRINTH
Equalizing Male and Female Energy Flows

The great need of our time is for people to be connected to spirit; for people to be connected to a feeling within themselves that makes their lives vital and full of meaning." - Harold Stone

This Labyrinth essence was made in the centre of the Chartres Labyrinth in France. It was potentised in a quartz bowl containing a large amethyst crystal point. The benefits of this Labyrinth essence have been assisted and augmented with the addition of Anandalite,  Amber, Blizzard Stone, Eye of the Storm, Poppy Jasper and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences.

Keywords: Balancing and equalizing male and female energy flows, Spiritual growth, Lightbody activation, Ascension, Alpha brainwaves, Schumann Resonance, Universal Energy, alien implants, genetic manipulation, overcoming anxiety, stress and indecision, calmness, agitation, energetic well-being, EMF protection, Alta Major chakra development, mental focus, grounding, concentration, meditation, disturbed sleep patterns, unexplained aggression or irritability, mood changes.

This Labyrinth essence is designed to restore the proper equality between between the left and right/male and female brain hemispheres. At the present time, although each hemisphere has its own individual functions, the male or yang hemisphere has mental and emotional dominance over the female or yin hemisphere. To keep a balance between the two unequal hemispheres, nerves connect them together so that they are able to constantly pass messages to each other to ensure the balance needed for controlling and regulating, not only body functions, but thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. But if the male or yang hemisphere becomes over-dominant, due to external factors affecting the life of the person, both males and females may exhibit over-aggression, violent behaviour, extreme sexual desires, and suffer from anger, anxiety and stress, and suffer from an inability to relax and sleep well. Fuller details of the problems caused by a lack of inequality between the two hemispheres are given below and marked with**  

The Chartres labyrinth is said to the largest known surviving labyrinth in the World. It has two hemispheres like the brain, and its convolutions also resemble the outer ridges of brain tissue. It has 11 circuits. The sacred master number 11 represents male and female equality, and it also carries a subtle vibration for transmuting one's personal power up to a higher, more spiritual level. There is a circular space in the centre of the labyrinth for meditation. In the centre of the brain there is a space where the Pineal gland or Third Eye, the organ of human consciousness, resides. The Pineal is essential, not only for regulating circadian rhythms, but also for recognizing and using the alpha brain wave state to achieve a meditative state, to hone intuitive talents and to connect to higher dimension beings.  

Many aeons ago an advanced race of predatory beings arrived on Earth, with the intention of altering and distorting the genetic patterns of the original human inhabitants, to suit their own wishes. Original human beings were designed to have  perfect equality and balance in energy flows between the two hemispheres of their brains. This meant they were peace-loving and able to live in harmony with their fellow beings and their environment. But the alien race made the energy flow of the male or yang hemisphere stronger and more dominant than the energy flow of the female or yin hemisphere. Humans, and especially the male of the species, then became aggressive and sought domination and control over others through money, power, sex and war, much like their alien masters. 

In times past great Avatars such as the Buddha, Krishna and Lao Tse were able to find the way to overcome the negative aspects of male dominant energy flows through enduring long periods of intense training in meditation, yogic and breathing techniques, mantras and fasting. This enabled them to slip into their Alpha brainwave state at will, which eventually meant their beings were so attuned to spirit they were ready to be imbued/overlit with the higher dimension Matreya or Christos energy, and then with the Sophia energy. This returned them, for the remainder of their mission, back to the original human genetic blueprint with dynamic and equally balanced male and female energy flows.

In later times, people found that gentle perambulations back and forth within a labyrinth, like a mother rocking a baby to calm it, would also enable them to move into an alpha brainwave state during their time in it. They were able to release their fears and worries, their anger and dark moods, and replace them with a mental clarity and calm, positive state of mind. They could meditate and achieve a trance like state to expand their spiritual awareness and communicate with higher dimensional beings.

So, locking into the Alpha brainwave state is the key to rising above lower vibrational energies, anger, desires, fears and beliefs. The Alpha brainwave is one of five different speed wave lengths generated by our brains to control and regulate not just our body functions,but also our behaviour, emotions and actions. It is a scientifically proven fact that an external force called the Schumann Resonance regulates the speed of our brainwaves, as well as other bodily functions. The Schumann Resonance is a quasi-standing, slow speed,standing wave-length, that alternates between the upper atmosphere and the Earth's surface. It is created by the interaction between the Sun and Earth's geomagnetic energies during daylight hours. However, man-made electromagnetic (EMF) emanations from cellphones, wifi etc. are on much faster wave lengths, and are interfering with the brain's ability to easily perceive the much slower Schumann Resonance. Some of the newer EMFs can also interfere with the speed of the Schumann Resonance too. Heavy metals, such as Mercury found in fillings, some fish and also in vaccines, act like electrically charged aerials, attracting and amplifying the effects of EMF pollution.

All brainwaves have a stimulating and regulating effect on the right and left hemispheres. However the Beta brainwave has the stronger effect on the male (yang) hemisphere to initiate action, aggression, alertness, the production of adrenaline, fast logical judgement and quick-fire decision-making, whilst the slower Alpha brainwave length has the stronger affect on the female (yin)hemisphere to instigate a normal, calm and relaxed attitude, good mental co-ordination, abstract thinking, good moods, emotional stability, compassion, the production of serotonin, tolerance of others, meditative states and the potential for spiritual advancement. The Alpha wave length, which is also responsible for regulating blood oxygenation and the immune system, is the closest in speed to that of the Schumann Resonance, and is the worst affected by EMF pollution and any irregular man-made changes in speed to the Schumann Resonance wave length.

A lack of balance between the Alpha and the Beta brainwaves causes the Beta brainwaves to promote and dominate negative behaviour, feelings, actions and emotions which are governed by the left brain.
**Both women and men are negatively affected by the EMF waves' interference on the regulation of their brain waves, but men seem to be particularly adversely affected by this lack of balance between the Beta and Alpha brainwaves. It can cause over-alertness, extreme agitation, anxiousness and fear, violent behaviour, mental confusion, an increased desire to dominate others and their opinion, anger management issues, intolerance of others, fuzzy-headedness, loss of short term memory, lack of focused attention, irritability, an inability to relax, to get to sleep, or to make calm, logical decisions. It may cause a loss of life purpose as well as the loss of the ability to meditate or make contact with higher dimensional guides.

**The Labyrinth and the added gem essences neutralize the negative emotional and behavioural effects described above, caused by an over-dominant left brain hemisphere. Alabandite, Blizzard Stone, Poppy Jasper and Rainbow Lattice Sunstone gem essences screen out EMF pollution, so that the Alpha brainwaves can be perceived as easily as the Beta brainwaves. Blizzard stone essence neutralizes ancient alien implants that have prevented human advancement towards Ascension. The Labyrinth essence and Amethyst and Eye of the Storm essences instill a calm state of mind, help lessen sleep disturbances and re-instate the ability to meditate and connect with higher vibration beings. Poppy Jasper essence strengthens the biomagnetic shield (aura) against damaging environmental agents. Amber and Poppy Jasper essences promote a positive mental state. Anandalite relieves anxiety, stress and obsessive behaviour. It activates the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, expands consciousness and activates the lightbody, to bring about evolutionary change and spiritual advancement. It gently rebuilds one's energy patterns to accommodate a massive energy shift, and in doing so, de-energies any detrimental older energy structures. Alabandite essence is extremely grounding. It instigates mental balance so that one can act in a calm, co-ordinated manner. Blizzard Stone essence restores peace to the soul and works on the psyche to eradicate hatred, violence and oppression. Amber essence stimulates the intellect, enhances memory recall, brings balance, encourages decision making, and helps to ground positive energies into the body. Rainbow Lattice Sunstone essence has an amazing job to do. It promotes the development of a minor chakra called the Alta Major chakra, which is situated at the back of the skull, into becoming an important major chakra. When fully functioning, universal energy will flow through this chakra (also known as "the Mouth of God”) into a new subtle, magnetic time-clock network linked to the heart, from where the Universal Energies can be distributed throughout the body, to regulate all its functions, so acting as a replacement for our regulation by the Schumann Resonance. It also equalizes the right and left hemisphere polarities, and builds up the auric field strength.

**Links to central nervous system, toxins, sleep disturbances, digestive imbalances,  tissue oxygenation, heartbeat irregularities, dizziness, Earth Star, Soul Star, higher chakras, subtle behavioural DNA, adrenal glands, fight or flight responses, immune system,serotonin, melatonin, immune system, airborne allergies, cataracts,migraine, dizziness, sticky blood, circulatory system, mucus membranes, brain fog, dark moods, mental balance, cognitive impairment, Pineal and Pituitary glands.