THE FLOWER OF LIFE - Vibrational Shift

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THE FLOWER OF LIFE - Vibrational Shift

This Flower of Life combination essence contains Holywell Bay Spring water, plus Ajoite, Trigonic Quartz, Brandberg Amethyst, Anandalite, Quantum Quattro, Kutnohorite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Smoky Elestial Quartz, Garnet, Leopard Skin Jasper gem essences and the 528 Hz sound essence.

The Flower of Life symbol is a geometric and mathematical representation of the creation of life on Earth. Its 19 overlapping circles embody the 5 platonic solids, Metatron’s Cube, the Golden Mean, the Star of David and Pi that govern all patterns of creation. The 12 overlapping circles around the outside of the symbol represent the 12 DNA strands embedded in the original mankind. The aim of this Flower of Life environmental,sound and gem  essence is to initiate, enhance and speed up the holographic reactivation re-coding process of at least two of the ten dormant DNA strands at Light Body level, for the benefit of humanity at this time of vibrational change.

Keywords: Holographic DNA re-patterning,  immune system, spiritual evolution, consciousness expansion, etheric blueprint repair, protection from psychic attack, paranormal harm, ill-wishing, hypnotic command implants, soul fragment re-integration, releasing outmoded beliefs, thought forms, psychic implants, karmic release, calming and stabilising emotions, compassion, inner strength, spiritual evolution, soul fragment integration, vibrational uplift.

Spring water from a holy well dedicated to St. Cuthbert was collected on the Gaelic fire festival of Imbolc, which is dedicated to Brigid. This goddess is often depicted stirring steaming hot water over a fire. This represents her sacred work in purifying the karmic and toxic dross from human souls, so that each is made ready to ascend to a higher vibration. The holy well spring water was then potentised under a pyramid in a glass etched with the flower of life symbol.

Each of the following 10 gem essences and 1 sound essence was then added to the potentised spring water from the holy well. Seven of these gem essences are designed to safely assist and prepare us for the holographic subtle  DNA re-patterning and vibrational uplift gifted by the 5 "power” essences in this combination.

The essence made from the orange/multi-coloured Leopard Skin Jasper attracts success and guards the individual against holding on to pessimistic attitudes. It heals and protects the soul, and supports one in times of emotional stress, bringing stability and strength to many who are experiencing chaotic energies in these times. It promotes compassion and attracts situations and people that will heighten one’s spiritual energies.

The essence made from the deep red Garnet instils the stamina to complete the individual’s transformation, plus protection, hope and power to succeed in difficult situations. It opens the heart seed chakra to help one with forgiveness of the self and others, and to dissolve karmic wounds and mental constructs that block the way to achieving spiritual evolution.

The essence made from the soft turquoise Ajoite crystal acts as a vibrational runway to begin the process of spiritual awakening and expanded consciousness. It induces profound calm and helps one to reduce stress and anxiety. Then it cleanses the auric field, aligns it with higher chakras and draws out any toxic emotions, thoughts, beliefs, constructs or blockages that have prevented influxes of higher energies. It stabilises the subtle cell structure and immune system in preparation for a new vibration.

The essence made from the attractive turquoise Paraiba Tourmaline lights up your inner being to release bitterness of the heart, resentment and pollutants from the subtle energy bodies. It helps you to forgive yourself and others.

The essence made from the gentle pink candy-floss-like Kutnohorite stabilises the emotions and instils patience and endurance to promote the right mental state for the return of any lost soul parts. It discourages anxiety, irritability, aggression and resentment. It dissolves emotional wounds and ingrained beliefs and corrects etheric and Karmic blueprints.

The essence made from the naturally sparkly Indian Anandalite quartz cluster prepares the central nervous system for a vibrational uplift. It purifies all chakras and attunes the energy bodies to a higher frequency.

The Smoky Elestial Quartz essence re-programmes memories held in subtle levels,  restructures energy fields and aids the full potential of the holographic DNA to be activated. It facilitates karmic and etheric subtle bodies purification. It is a transmuter of negative energy and dissolves addictive patterns, toxic emotions and outgrown soul imperatives.

The essence made from the stunning bright turquoise and indigo blue Quantum Quattro is the first of the "power”crystals because it provides enormous protection for the soul undergoing a vibrational change and because it calms a catharsis or healing crisis that could on rare occasions temporarily be provoked by essences made from more intense crystals if the individual is not accustomed to taking gem essences. It instils the desire to help one work with focused intention for the highest good. personal and manifestation power. It heals unresolved grief and the pain of abandonment. It releases blocks to seeing clearly, as well as hypnotic commands implanted in the present time or in other lifetimes. It repairs subtle DNA information and genetic programming and clears negative patterns in order to optimize subtle 12 strand DNA activation. It discourages irritability, aggression,anxiety, stress, resentment, hostile attitudes and grudges. 

The unique Brandberg Amethyst is hand-mined in the desert region Brandberg mountain in Namibia. Its essence emanates infinite compassion to help one to release past hurts, heartbreak and trauma. It  protects one against ill wishing, psychic attack and paranormal harm. It balances all levels of being and has the ability to release thought forms, mental constructs and implants put in place by dark forces. It promotes the production of new subtle neural pathways for increasing the limbic brain function. It activates the Higher Crown, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras to elevate consciousness to the highest level. It reinstates the individual’s core vibrational patterns and reactivates the original DNA etheric blueprint. 

The sound essence made from the 528 Hz DNA Repair Tuning Fork was made using a Tibetan singing bowl for optimum effect.

The most potent essence in this combination was made from a Trigonic Quartz point. Trigonic Quartz is a rare clear or milky large quartz point, with the faces of the crystal point etched with many small, etched, downward pointing triangles. 
The triangles are cosmic DNA soul encoding, gifted by star beings to assist in the evolution of humanity in order to raise our consciousness to higher dimensions.  The essence helps us to restore our original energetic configuration. It releases blockages and toxicity from the energy bodies, realigns our energy systems and brings our chakras into alignment with the Earth's meridians. It reintegrates soul fragments and removes psychic attachments and implants. It activates the higher heart soma, soul star and stellar gateway chakras to enable us to move up to a higher frequency.  It integrates soul fragments lost through trauma, black magic, drug or mental imbalance. It initiates the potential for a restructuring of beliefs and realities, lost through interference or disconnection from the pineal gland, which governs our inner understanding of external reality and the understanding of what behaviour is expected to be a compassionate member of the human race.

Links to: immune system, T-cell production, subtle DNA reinstatement, red and white blood cells, RNA, cellular nutrient absorption, acid/alkali balance, disturbed sleep patterns, tonic, cellular memory restructuring, opens the heart seed chakra to stimulate unconditional love, spiritual evolution,  neurotransmitter re-calibration, brain, lymphatic system, kidneys, cellular and inter-cellular structures, blood and circulation, insulin production, metabolic processes, ears, lungs, heart, digestive tract, pineal gland, etheric blueprint, cellular tissue, genetic disease patterns, stiff and swollen joints.