THE OSIREION ESSENCE (Sacred Space Essence)

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THE OSIREION ESSENCE (Sacred Space Essence)THE OSIREION ESSENCE - Flower of Life (Sacred Space Essence)

This unique Osireion essence is a powerful environmental essence that was made at the ancient Osireion temple in Egypt.
About The Osireion Temple
The Osireion is probably the oldest Egyptian temple ever discovered. Dated at 12 -18,000 BCE, it is said to be even older than the Great Pyramid or the Sphinx. The temple is situated behind the temple of Abydos, which is 145km north of Luxor in upper Egypt, on the West bank of the Nile, near to where the earliest Pharaohs were buried. Seti 1, an eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh, who lived between 1306 and 1290 BCE, either sought out the ancient Osireion or came across it when he was building his own Abydos temple . Whatever the truth is, Setiís temple was built in an unusual L-shaped configuration. This is the only Egyptian temple so shaped, because the subterranean Osireion building blocked further progress to the completion of Setiís temple in the usual ancient Egyptian pattern. The Osireion is a full 50 feet below the level of Setiís temple and is almost unique in Egypt, being composed almost entirely of unadorned, enormous oblong monoliths of Aswan red granite, weighing 50 to 100 tons each. It is dedicated to the God Osiris, the husband of the Goddess Isis. Legend says that his head was buried there. The valley temple at Giza, dedicated to Isis, is the only other Egyptian temple built in a similar style to the Osireion. In the legends, Set, the brother of Osiris, is said to have murdered him and then cut his body up into pieces. The distraught Isis put the pieces of her husband back together by magic for one last act, which created their son Horus. Osiris then became known as the Lord of the underworld, resurrection and regeneration. There are a number of faint Flower of Life symbols on the inside of one pillar, drawn in what is thought to be a red Henna pigment. These are thought to have been added to the Osireion later when the Greeks ruled Egypt, because of the remains of faded Greek writing next to the symbols. One of these reads "Osiris Lives".
Making the Sacred Place essence at The Osireion
An environmental essence was made at the Osireion using red and white spring water brought from Glastonbury Chalice Well. The height of the water table has risen in recent years, meaning that the floor of the temple is almost always flooded nowadays. The temple is guarded by tourist police, but we had special permission to view the Osireion from the outside and above it. Channelling revealed that the site of the temple was a sacred place, where the veil between the earth dimension and higher dimensions was thinner than other places on earth. Priests would regularly chant mantras to clear the space, protect it and keep it free of negative energies emanating from the lower astral realms. The temple was used for healing those with serious mental or physical problems, or terminal illnesses. Highly trained priestesses would receive the afflicted person in one of the 17 chambers off the main part of the building. First of all, a little white Monotomic gold powder would be placed on the patientís tongue. Then, using very deep trance techniques and special oils, the priestess would guide the soul of the person to the gates of the spirit world. There the person would be asked if they wished to complete their life purpose in their current incarnation, or if their body was damaged beyond repair, whether they wished to move out of their body permanently. Each personís body was then left in limbo for three days, where their life force remained temporarily suspended, to allow healing at cellular level to take place, or for the disengagement and disintegration of the etheric and emotional bodies, to allow the release of the soul body into higher realms. Part of this procedure involved placing the personís body into a shallow bath of healing mineral water from a nearby source, to which a small amount of Natron had been added. Natron kept the tissues free of bacterial attack. The body was coated in a combination of honey and oils to prevent damage to sensitive tissues. (During the 18th dynasty a much stronger solution of Natron in water was used for mummification after death, to dry out the tissues and prevent decay). After three days the priestess would guide the personís soul back into their body, if the person had been successfully healed and had made the choice to live. She gave them the breath of life to revive their physical body. (The Flower of Life pattern symbolises the breath of life). Then she placed a small amount of red powder upon their tongue to open the chakras and enhance the resonance between the brain and the heart.
What to use The Osireion Sacred Place essence for.
KeywordsEnergetic repatterning, releasing subtle level encoded programming, removing emotional blocks, elevating spiritual consciousness, opening third eye, psychic vision development, finding a spirit guide, divine inspiration, spiritual transformation, emotional body balance, subtle body alignment, connection to inner realms. Passion and zest for life, positive thinking, motivation, promoting chi flow, calming nerves, releasing subtle level stress, manifestation of oneís needs.
This Osireion sacred place essence, has been further empowered with the addition of Atacamite, Amblygonite, Gold, Ruby and Shattuckite gem essences. Its key functions are energetic repatterning and the elevation of spiritual consciousness. The Osireion essence brings one back into dynamic balance by removing glitches or programmes that have created fixations or subconscious emotional blockages. These block or sabotage oneís progress to achieving goals, good health, happiness or sustainability. The glitches arise due to oneís programmed mental or emotional responses to stressful situations These responses are generally created in the first place as a result of shock, fear, past life or childhood trauma, relationship issues or cultural, religious, ancestral or parental beliefs. Because of the stress caused, that original memory is then "hard wired", programmed or energetically patterned into the subconscious memory banks, where it triggers the same response every time the situation arises, and so creates fixed belief patterns, that are not necessarily correct in every situation for the rest of one's life. These fixed belief pattens can be for example: - "I never have any luck in relationships", "I can never do that", "IĎm not clever enough to do that", "I always/never getÖ", "Iím never lucky," Iím not good enough, "I've always been poor/sad/ill etc", "Iím not deserving", "our family never do that", "I never have any success so I wonít even try it", "IĎm too clumsy to do that" or "everyone in my family always dies of Ö.". The Osireion essence may also clear past life curses, hypnotic commands or past life vows of secrecy, humility, poverty or chastity that no longer serve a useful purpose. This essence stimulates, strengthens and balances all the chakras, to evoke desire, zest and will. It overcomes deeply repressed emotions and internalised grief and melancholy. It awakens the creative mind and allows one to make a fresh start. It frees up oneís creative energies to manifest oneís needs and enjoy creative activities and challenging enterprises, unhindered by emotional blockages that stem from past, unconscious programming. It aligns the mental, emotional and spiritual subtle bodies, overcomes emotional paralysis, promotes positive thinking, enthusiasm for life, courage and the determination needed to accomplish difficult goals or overcome lifeís challenges. It helps one to cope better with intense mental activity or having to achieve deadlines. It reduces negative thinking, counteracts spaciness, promotes positive dreams, and protects one against negative energies and fear-induced nightmares. In meditation The Osireion essence stimulates the desire for spiritual development and illumination. It promotes inner transformation and elevates spiritual consciousness. It is strongly protective and keeps out negative energies, as it promotes a powerful spiritual connection to the highest realms. With intent, it helps you to find your spirit guide if you have not yet made the link. It also intensifies connections to your higher self and to the purest, highest possible dimension spirit guides. It helps one to channel information from the higher spheres of existence outside planet earth, and to transform and process the channelling of information from these higher dimensions.
The Osireion essence links to adrenals, bile, blood sugar, body acids, brain, breathing, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silica and Vitamin E absorption, circulation, digestion, dizziness, endocrine glands, fear based toxins, legs and feet, life force (chi), immune functions, lymphatic system, hot flashes, kidneys, Heavy Metal, Petrochemical, Radiation, Sycotic, Syphilitic and Tubercular miasms, muscles, nervous system, neural conductivity, pancreas, reproductive organs, skeleton, spleen, subconscious cleansing, subtle level genetically- encoded information, tissues, tonsils, thymus and thyroid glands and weight.
Methods of Use
Place a few essence drops under the tongue, or add the drops to a glass of water. Around 12 drops can be added to small atomiser with water to spray through the aura. Drops of The Osireion essence can also be rubbed into balancing points. These are the base of the spine, the crown chakra and the base of the skull, where the spine joins the back of the neck. Or, if you know the acupuncture meridians, you can add a drop of essence to the appropriate meridian points associated with the heart. When one is suffering from energetic overload rub a few drops into the heart chakra, the thymus, the base of the skull where it joins the neck, the base of the spine and the soles of the feet. A few drops of essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Palo Santa can be added to warm water in an atomiser, together with a few drops of The Osireion essence, to spray through your aura to calm the mind and further enhance meditation techniques.