TANTALITE - Stability

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Most of the present-day Tantalite comes from Brazil or Australia. This is a rare, very special, deep red crystal with many helpful attributes. Tantalite essence dissolves underlying non-beneficial behaviour patterns lodged in the etheric blueprint to help one overcome obsessions, addictions and cravings, and to rein in any kind of excessive behaviour. It settles a "butterfly" mind, counteracts pessimism, aids decision-making, promotes good judgement skills, and instils a sense of purpose and direction when making plans for the future. It is both nurturing and protective. It removes the effect of psychic attack or ill-wishing. It clears psychic vampirism and entity possession, and removes psychic hooks, attachments, implants, core beliefs and curses from previous or present life-times. It balances the energy fields around the body and deflects negative environmental energies and other adverse energies.
Links to ADHD, extreme mood swings, shock, trauma, first-aid, nausea, mineral assimilation, chemical pollution, anti-oxidant, joints, bones, tissues, cells. Take essence by mouth, massage a few drops into problems areas, or add a few drops to water in an atomiser to disperse through the aura.