Streptocarpus "Wow" (Exotic)

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Streptocarpus "Wow" (Exotic)Streptocarpus "Wow"

I suspect that when this beautiful exotic Streptocarpus flowered for the first time, all the grower could say was "Wow" - so that is what it came to be called. "Wow" essence encourages appreciation and gratitude for what one has in terms of family, relationships, a home, a job, pets, worldly goods and finance etc. It encourages us to take a light-hearted look around and marvel at the beauty in our environment, instead of focussing on the negative aspects of it. It also neutralises the constant nagging desire to "keep up with the Joneses" by buying the latest fashions, a new car, household goods etc. that are continually advertised on TV or in magazines.