SPANISH BROOM (Sparticum junceum) (Magdalene flowers)

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SPANISH BROOM (Sparticum junceum) (Magdalene flowers)Keywords: Optimism, hope, tenacity, strength, survival, perseverance, thriving, meeting challenges.
In May the hills and mountains, Maquis (heathland) and Garrigues are completely covered in the bright yellow flowers of this hardy and tenacious shrub, that embodies the consciousness of the Languedoc region. Thriving on thin, poor soil, the abundant vanilla-fragranced blooms of this plant bring the promise of warm, sunny days to come. Spanish Broom essence, rich in the Goddess in the land energies, was made in Lavaldieu. This area is in the centre of the Rennes Le Chateau pentagram, first mapped out by Henry Lincoln. The essence promotes spiritual evolution and speaks to our soul of optimism and hope. When you have hope you can more easily overcome many of life’s challenges, viewing them as opportunities for self-growth and for helping others. Its primary role is to banish misery and pessimism, but it can be used as the initial "port-of-call" essence for any problem or worry. It promotes calmness and dissipates emotionally charged situations, agitation and deep-seated unconscious fears. It releases co-dependence in relationships, banishes the need to play the rescuer role, and helps one to start afresh. It promotes optimistic feelings about the world, and overcomes the tendency to believe in the mass media portrayal of world events, that often bring pessimism and depression to many people’s hearts.