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DIANTHUSThis Dianthus essence is is a powerful combination of the dazzling variety of garden and alpine pinks from my Devon garden. The blossom colours are magenta, rose pink, pink and white, white, and white and maroon. They go by the inspirational names of India Star, Brilliant Star, Can Can, Mendlesham Minx, Pop Star, Starburst, Coconut Sundae, Candy Floss, Showgirl and Moulin Rouge. The photo above is of the very pretty Moulin Rouge, which has the typcial wonderful clove aroma of an old-fashioned garden Pink. Dianthus is just the essence for providing that shot of much needed energy to keep you going whilst you are dealing with an emotional issue that has been dragging you down and causing fatigue. It does this by helping you to focus on living in the present moment, whilst detering you from keeping on burying your emotions or scattering your energies in lots of different directions. Dianthus essence is particularly helpful following a past or present traumatic incident or emotional upset. It dispels a loss of interest in life, and that feeling of numbness that arises when one reaches the stage of not caring any more. This essence works on the base chakra to gently ground and stabilise one. It promotes rational thinking to deal with emotional problems that arise, and it lessens spaciness, mental confusion and forgetfulness.