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ST. JOHN'S WORTSt. Johnís Wort is an uplifting, magical essence, that draws light into oneís inner being to overcome sadness, feelling overwhelmed, unexplained fearfulness, insecurity, feelings of obscurity, fear of the dark, nightmares, psychic vulnerability and oversensitivity to environmental stresses. It protects one from an overly-expanded states of awareness. Use St. Johnís Wort essence for those who are adversely affected by environmental stress, heat or light or lack of light. It uplifts the emotional body to calm fears, restlessness and nervousness. It instils courage and trust, releases tension and promotes calm, peaceful sleep. It restores and maintains the integrity of the oneís personal energetic field, by tightening up the filaments of light where they link to the solar plexus chakra. It restores clarity of mind and the ability to focus. It protects the psychically vulnerable from absorbing an overload of higher dimensional light during meditation, that could lead to "blown chakras" and an subsequent inability to filter subtle energies or close psychic channels. It also promotes spiritual awareness in those suffering from depression, due to a lack of contact with higher dimensions. It promotes increased tolerance to oneís surroundings and environment. Links to nightmares, fear of death, S.A.D., intolerance to environmental stresses, and night sweats or bed-wetting due to psychic attack or disturbed dreams.
"Thanks so much for the St. John's Wort essence - it is helping - thank you. Your essences are just totally magical and I wonder how I got this far without them." Dr. Susie Anthony, Draycott.