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JUSTICE ANGEL ESSENCEArchangels Gabriel, Haniel, Raguel, Chamuel, Michael, Raphael, Sandalphon and Zadkiel

Keywords: - Angelic guidance, justice, desperation, in crisis, shock, hitting rock bottom, fear of going mad, crying for help, bad luck, protection, change, stability, wisdom, good fortune, clarity, inner strength, nurturing, joy, taking back control, balancing mind and emotions.

The Orchid essences included in Justice Angel Orchid essence are white Coelogyne, Angraecum, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and purple Vanda, together with Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Cherry Opal, Clear Calcite, Fire Opal, Fluorite, Haematite, Kyanite, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Red Jasper, Rhodonite, Selenite, Smithsonite, Sodalite, Sunstone andTibetan Black Quartz gem essences.
Raguel is the Archangel of fairness and Justice, Michael is the Archangel of protection, Sandalphon is the Archangel of harmony, and Archangel Gabriel is the sacred messenger of truth. They defend those who are being, or have been, unfairly treated. The Archangels send their higher frequency energies through the dimensions into the Justice Angel Orchid and gem essences, to promote truth, honesty and justice, especially in legal situations. These essences and oils have a cleansing and opening effect on the throat and heart chakras. They overcome inertia, old patterns of repression, frustration, hesitation and a fear of revealing injustices that have been committed against oneself or others, in the present or the past. Use the spray to fight injustice, to resolve conflicts, to overcome discrimination and to reveal abuse and mistreatment. Use it to promote emotional balance, fairness and insight. Use it to support and protect one through times of stress and emotional turmoil. It eliminates mental confusion, and promotes calmness and clarity of mind in dangerous or upsetting conditions. It imparts hope, confidence, determination and perseverance, to get to the source of criminal damage done by others to oneself or others. It enhances memory, cuts through ignorance, dissolves illusions and helps one to see behind facades. It overcomes self-limitations or feelings of inadequacy. It helps one to access higher guidance from the angelic realms, particularly from Raguel, Sandalphon and Gabriel. It helps you speak the truth, and to stand up for your beliefs. It facilitates being heard and encourages open-mindedness and flexibility. It dispels old mental conditioning, guile, control mechanisms, closed-mindedness, judgementalism and bigotry. Justice Angel Orchid essence facilitates change and progress, helps to heal the inner child and alleviates the effects of emotional abuse. It enhances self-acceptance and self-esteem. It dispels victim consciousness, breaks self-defeating programmes, assists one in cutting ties to the past, and hleps one to detach from feelings of being disadvantaged. It helps to instigate new beginnings and to achieve major changes in one’s thinking, helping one to recognise that revenge is self-destructive, but that revealing the truth can protect others from harm in the future.Links to irritative problems, vision, brain, vocal chords, larynx, neck and shoulder problems, lymph and nervous systems.
Directions for use: Dowse to find out how many doses and drops per dose to take, and for what length of time the essence should be taken. A drop or two can also be rubbed into any of the chakras, or over the site of an organ that is being emotionally or mentally effected by injustice or unfairness.