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LEADING LIGHT SPRAYArchangels Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Michael, Haniel and Uriel

This wonderfully empowering Leading Light Angel Spray is packed with very special Orchid and gem essences for pioneers and trailblazers, and those who want to become leaders in their chosen field. It promotes character strengthening, courage, assertiveness, leadership skills, the right use of power, vocal eloquence, confidence and visibility. It can also instil a drive to achieve fame or help one put ideas into action. It dissolves emotional blocks and vows of humility or silence. The actions of the essences in this spray are enhanced with the powerful, warm and spicy Biblical oils, that de-programme inappropriate mental and emotional conditioning in the cellular memory banks. Working with us through the yellow ray, Archangel Jophiel stimulates the will and one’s ability to turn ideas into reality. He dispels nerves and worry, and releases blocks to reaching one’s full potential. He shows one how to use personal power for the highest good, through the yellow Cattleya, yellow Phalaenopsis and Scapolite essences. Miltonia "Summerset" orchid essence (see picture above) promotes visibility. Scapolite breaks up limiting patterns, and aids one in finding and assuming one‘s power. It helps one to attain wealth and gain respect from others, as well as instilling self-discipline and organisational skills. Citrine stimulates the third chakra, the seat of personal will. It attracts success, removes destructive tendencies, and enhances individuality. It makes one less sensitive to criticism and overcomes fear of failure/fear of success. It promotes a positive attitude, and instils self-esteem and confidence. Sardonyx is character-strengthening, and Tiger’s Eye brings good fortune, overcomes discouragement and promotes the correct use of power. Archangel Chamuel offers the enhancement of personal power via Orange Cattleya, Odontoglossum Ingmar Durham Castle, Sunstone, Golden Topaz and Fire Opal essences. Golden Topaz facilitates self-empowerment and helps those who seek fame for their talents and unique knowledge. It instils a drive towards recognition, bestows charisma and benevolence, and attracts abundance and helpful people. It strengthens faith and optimism, stabilises emotions, and assists in overcoming limitations. Sunstone is an excellent essence to use in business dealings. It helps one to manifest one's desires, whilst being able to detach oneself from outside influences, and from feelings of being victimised or discriminated against. It also gives one the strength to say "no" when necessary, and enables one to release inhibitions and hang-ups. Archangel Gabriel works through the throat chakra with Phalaenopsis Malibu and Blue Lace Agate, to assist those people who have difficulty in being heard. Blue Lace Agate and Pietersite remove vows of silence and the mental programming has led to a subconscious belief that one should be seen and not heard. Blue Lace Agate, Pietersite and Sardonyx promote vocal eloquence, and assist those who have difficulty in expressing themselves, or who have a fear of public speaking.Archangel Michael offers protection against danger, via the white light of the snow-white Cattleya and the Fire Opal essences. Odontoglossum Ingmar Durham Castle offers strength, courage, vitality and endurance. Ruby shields against psychic attack. Tiger Iron sharpens the intellect, supports pragmatism, counteracts spaciness and confusion, and provides the get up and go to complete one’s goals. It also stimulates creative expression, especially in areas such as music and acting. Pietersite dissolves mental programming imposed in the past, such as a need to be invisible, and it releases vows, such as the vow of humility. Sardonyx promotes integrity and virtuous conduct. Fire Opal facilitates progress and releases inhibitions. Haniel instils compassion, hope and joy through the deep pink Phalaenopsis "Mad Milva" and the Magenta Cattleya Orchid essences. Uriel offers stamina, balance, endurance and strength of character via the red and gold Laeliocattleya Orchid essence. Ruby essence promotes dynamic and courageous leadership and encourages a passion for life. Tiger Iron keeps one grounded, calm and centred regardless of the situation, and also promotes practicality and physical action.
(Please look under the "Benefits of using Essences and Sprays" section on the top left hand side of the Home Page, to see photographic proof of some of the beneficial effects of using Leading Light Angel Orchid Spray.)
The aroma of the essential oils contained in the Leading Light Angel Orchid and Gem spray is warm and spicy, with a citrus top note. There is the Cinnamon-like Cassia, which restores one’s drive to achieve, clears congestion and unblocks receptor sites on cells, for proper hormonal and enzyme circulation. May Chang and Grapefruit oils provide an uplifting, citrus top note for optimism and confidence. Myrrh promotes a sense of responsibility, and de-programmes cellular misinformation, such as inappropriate beliefs or mental conditioning. Frankincense releases fears from the past, and is deeply soothing and emotionally balancing. Together with Grapefruit, Frankincense re-programmes cellular memory with the proper information.
The most appropriate place to spray Leading Light is on the crown chakra, as often as it is needed. It can also be sprayed on the hands. Rub the hands together and inhale through the hands three times. Then sweep the hands through the aura three times. Leading Light can also be sprayed on any of the chakras, behind the ears, on the soles of the feet or over the upper chest. The oils in this spray are meant to be powerful. Do not spray over the face, eyes, nose or mouth. If you have sensitive skin try this spray on the soles of the feet first. A warming sensation on the skin is normal. But have some vegetable oil ready, and if you experience a strong burning or itchy sensation for more than a short while, rub vegetable oil over the sensitised skin first, then wash off with soap and warm water.
Do not use this spray if you are pregnant. Please use the Leading Light Orchid Angel essence instead.