FLEUR DE VALDIEU (Magdalene essence)

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FLEUR DE VALDIEU (Magdalene essence)Keywords: Self-respect, dignity, honouring the body, mental strength, determination, tenacity, perseverance, joy of nature, overcoming food cravings.
We first encountered this tiny sky-blue flower near Rennes Le Chateau. Thousands of its flowers completely covered the top of the rocky ridge, like a misty blue sea . Each plant has lots of thin, spiky grass-like leaves with the most fragile of six-petalled blooms. On a stalk of only about 3 inches high, this little flower looks a little like a cross between a miniature blue Star of Bethlehem and a Blue-eyed Grass flower, but we were unable to identify it at the time of making the essence.  So we called it Fleur de Valdieu, after the place where we found it. However, it has now been identified, and its French name translates into the English Language as "Blue Eyelet" or "Little Blue", but as yet, it has no Latin name. 
Fleur de Valdieu essence reminds us that we are spirits having a human experience. It instils self-respect for the body that our divine spark resides within, so that we can achieve our life purpose. It promotes joy of nature; of airy places, mountains, seas and plains. It encourages us to recharge our batteries in the open air, instead of staying indoors and watching TV or surfing the internet. This little flower survives the winter snows, icy sub-alpine winds and summer droughts, in a terrain where rock is never far below the surface. Its flower essence instils dignity, determination, mental strength, self-preservation, perseverance and tenacity. It promotes a "mind over matter" state of mind to overcome obsessions and compulsions, particularly food cravings. It can overcome addiction to sugar and additive-laden food and drink, and discourage one from "eating on the run". It makes us more fully consciously aware that if we eat more food than our body can use as energy, and consume more additives than our body can get rid of, the body will store the excess and the unusable substances as fat, to turn one into an unhappy, bulging and unhealthy body.
Fleur de Valdieu essence can be used on its own, but for very serious weight issues it is suggested that you use this essence in conjunction with professional advice on diet, supplements and exercise. As well as taking a few of the essence drops by mouth you can also put a drop on the crown chakra and/or rub a few drops on the soles of the feet, and/or rub a drop into the top of the right ear, the top of the right thumb and the top of the right big toe. You can also add a few drops of Fleur de Valdieu essence to a little bottle or a tissue to inhale, together with a few drops of grapefruit and orange essential oils to curb inappropriate food cravings. These are known appetite suppressants. Other suggestions for curbing inappropriate food cravings include peppermint oil or a mix of bergamot and fennel oils. Do not put these oils in your mouth or near your eyes.