SEKHMET (Sacred Place Essence)

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SEKHMET (Sacred Place Essence)SEKHMET ESSENCE - Face your Fears (Sacred Place Essence)

This Sekhmet essence is combination of an essence made from a programmed crystal at Sekhmetís sanctuary at Karnak in upper Egypt, together with Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Crimson Cuprite and Ruby gem essences.
Keywords: Fearlessness, strength, courageousness, alchemy, empowerment, transformation, inner conviction, dynamism, vigour, action, releasing inhibitions, leadership, sacred purpose, kundalini.
About Sekhmet

Although relatively unknown until recent times, the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is fast becoming one of the most prominent archetypes of our time. Her name means "the power" or the "mighty one", and this lady of the flame is a fierce guardian of the truth and the hidden divine feminine power. Sekhmet was a popular goddess in ancient times, but nowadays there are only a very few undamaged statues of her to be found in Egypt. At Karnak her eight foot tall basalt statue has stood in her sanctuary there for at least 3,500 years. With prior permission we were able to visit her statue in its heavily guarded chapel within the Luxor complex. This statue of Sekhmet definitely has a presence, and stares out at one in the dim light with eyes that seem to be very much alive, as if there is a being within the stone of the statue. Sekhmet is a daughter of the sun god Ra, and in some legends she is described as being the alter-ego of the goddess Hathor, a godess of the Milky Way and sender of the yearly inundation of the Nile. Legend says that Ra asked Hathor to rid him of some enemies, so in order to do this she turned herself into the warlike, lioness goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet enjoyed killing so much that no-one could stop her. So Ra asked Thoth, the Ibis-headed god of air and writing, to help him stop Sekhmetís killing spree. Together Ra and Thoth got the fields covered with red dyed barley beer, containing soothing, calming herbs. Thinking it was blood, Sekhmet drank all the beer and fell into a drunken sleep. Then Thoth put a magic spell on her to return her to her old gentle Hathor self once again. This is perhaps a garbled story of what happens when the elements get out of balance. When there is too little water and too much heat the land is sucked dry of moisture, and turns to red desert. Then the plants die , followed by the animals and the people. When the annual inundation of the Nile arrives, the water turns red as it flows over the desert sand. Then the barley can grow again to feed the people, and the fresh herbs can be gathered to cure illnesses.
From channelling, Sekhmet describes herself as the consciousness of the sacred element of fire. She holds the key to the lost divine feminine power, that of transformation through the alchemy of fire. It is she who plants the seed of oneís sacred purpose within oneís heart. She will not leave one in ignorance, and so with fierce compassion, she burns away emotional and mental blockages held within the chakras and the emotional bodies, that stand in the way of truth and higher consciousness. Her gift is sacred fire, which raises the sleeping kundalini serpent up through the chakra column, to create the sacred marriage between the heart and the mind. She transforms one through her alchemy, instilling fearlessness, empowerment, dynamism, inner conviction and courage. She reveals oneís sacred purpose and restores intuitive talents.
What to use the Sekhmet essence for
Sekhmet awakens our inner fire. She enhances the right use of personal power. Use this essence for clearing emotional or mental blocks, to overcome inhibitions and to promote inner conviction and personal achievement. Use it for instilling fearlessness, courage, strength, dynamism and vigour. Use it achieve progress, challenges, new goals or for making big changes in life. This essence opens the channels of creativity and encourages action. It can be used for stepping into a leadership role, learning something new, starting a new career, moving to a new area, inventing some new gadget or technology, changing the way a country is run, or when writing music or a new book , or creating a piece of art. Sekhmet reminds us of our sacred purpose, so that when we consciously align our deepest heartís desire with the desires of our higher self, a transformation occurs, that creates a change of destiny towards success. This essence helps one to make decisive decisions and to find the courage to take risks. It stimulates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, as well as stimulating and balancing the heart chakra and intuitive functions of the pineal gland. It aligns the mental and spiritual bodies. It can be a catalyst for the activation of the kundalini, but cannot be used for raising the kundalini on its own. Try this essence for clearing emotional and mental blockages, which are a prerequisite of the process for raising the kundalini. Special breathing and visualisation techniques are needed to actually raise the kundalini. It is recommended that proper professional instruction should be taken on methods of raising the kundalini, if desired.
Sekhmetís essence links to the abdomen, adrenal glands, blood, cell memory, chi, circulatory flows, copper, gold, intestines, iron, lower back, magnesium, metabolism, nervous system, pelvis, pineal gland, reproduction, sexual organs, silicon, stamina, thymus, tissues, triple burner meridian and Vitamins B, C and E.
Directions for use: Sekhmet represents your own inner alchemy. Ask her for help with what you want to achieve, within the context of what this essence offers. Take a few essence drops under the tongue, or add the drops to a glass of mineral/spring water to drink. Dowse or muscle test for the number of drops and doses needed, and for how long it should be taken for. You can also rub a drop or two of the essence into your heart chakra and/or into your third eye or crown chakra. If you wish to clear emotional and mental blockages, especially those due to fear of using oneís intuitive talents, take this essence as you press with one finger on the tiny bump in the middle of the back of your skull. This can be located best by bending your head forward and feeling your way up past the top of the spine,and up past where the base of the skull begins to just below where the skull starts to bend around towards the top of the head. You will find a tiny bump, which could feel slightly tender. Press on it with one finger, and straighten up your head again as you take this essence. Then breathe in and out through your mouth very fast (pant) for as long as you can, pushing your abdomen out and in with each breath, with the intention of releasing the fear. Repeat a few times, over several days, and if there is any tenderness on that point it may gradually disappear over time.