ENLIGHTENMENT (Sacred Place Essence)

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ENLIGHTENMENT (Sacred Place Essence)ENLIGHTENMENT (Sacred Place Essence)

This was the very first of the Gaia Sacred Place essences range to be made. The main ingredient in the spring water and brandy base of this essence is potentised water from a very special crop circle in wheat It was discovered south of West Kennett, on the 22nd July 2011.(Mary Magdalene's feast day). Its illuminating and consciousness-expanding effect has been further enhanced with the addition of Azeztulite, Eudialyte, Gold Azeztulite, Herderite, Jade, Natrolite, Phenacite, Sodalite, Satyaloka Azeztulite and Tugtupite gem essences, for the purposes of spiritual awakening, light body activation and frequency change assistance.
Keywords: Consciousness expansion, enlightenment, harmony, frequency change assistance, higher frequency light assimilation, illumination, intuitive perception, light body activation, love, peace, psychic enhancement, spiritual understanding.
A brief word about Crop Circles in general
Every year new crop circles appear in the Wiltshire corn fields. Most are too large and too technically complicated for the average human to have made without being noticed by the farmers or the many people who nightly ascend the Wiltshire hills in the summer months, in the hope of seeing a crop circle being made. There are many things that point to the crop circles being made by a very technically advanced being, such as the presence of radiation in newly formed circles, the skilful weaving and bending of brittle crop stems, the presence of minerals that can only be formed following a nuclear explosion, the total distortion of the crop’s normal intercellular structure at the nodes, and the tricky creation of true outer circles with off-kilter centres. Crop circles seem to be being made to help, inform and entertain us. They hold multi-level meanings and messages for mathematicians, sacred geometry specialists, symbologists and psychics to unravel. At the 2011 Marlborough Crop Circle conference, Francine Blake (the organiser), illustrated her talk with photos of water taken under the microscope. These showed tiny images of the main features of those crop circles where water samples had been placed in their centres for 20 minutes each. On gaining access to a crop circle, many people instinctively make their way to the centre and sit or lie in the middle for a period of time. The tissues that make up a human being consist of around 70% water. Are the images and also the messages of the crop circles being imprinted inside us too?
About this Particular Crop Circle
This stunningly beautiful crop circle has been made to help us with the frequency changes that are happening on earth right now, and also for the purpose of greater consciousness expansion and the enlightenment of humankind. The centre of this circle shows the head of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god of the Mayans, Oltecs, Toltecs and Aztecs. In some ancient pictures of him he is shown as a blue-skinned rattlesnake with wings. He is the ancient Meso-American god of creation, death, resurrection, culture, civilisation and calendars, with rulership over the winds. He is also thought to be linked with the planet Venus, which is the planet symbolising love. The plumed headdress of Quetzalcoatl in the centre of the circle represents wisdom and enlightenment. The crescent moon, which represents hidden knowledge that is now being made available, curves around a circle, which highlights the third eye area of the forehead. This represents the awakening of the third eye faculties of intuition and awareness of the unseen. Another way it can be looked at is a planetary body with just a crescent of light showing on the horizon, like an eclipse, symbolising a return to the light. The beautifully crafted spider’s web around Quetzcoatl’s head represents the weaver. The weaver holds creator energy to support and nurture all of life on earth, as it evolves. The spiders’ web can also represent a network representing the interconnectedness of all mankind on a higher level, as well as representing the current entrapment in third dimensional programming, belief systems and modern technologies, that keep us from evolving towards higher level frequencies. The 20 stepped pyramids around the outside show us how to escape from the lower frequencies of third dimensional entrapment and become enlightened. The stepped pyramid represents the pineal gland. This pinecone-shaped gland sits in the centre of the brain, directly below the crown chakra. It regulates sleep patterns on a physical level, but on a spiritual level it has long been known as the stimulator of consciousness expansion for light body awakening and spiritual advancement, which ultimately leads to enlightenment. The zigzag pattern of the pyramids also represents the pattern on the back of the tropical rattlesnake. This is representative of the serpent god Quetzalcoatl again. Rattlesnakes shed their skin as they grow larger, so this represents the shedding of the old ways to make way for a new beginning. It signals the coming revival of our inner gifts. Each of the crop circle pyramids have five steps to the top. Some of the older Oltec pyramids in Guatemala also have five steps to the top, as has the Egyptian temple at Saqqara. The five steps represent the five senses. As the regulator of the five senses, the Pineal gland employs a spectrum of hormones to provide each of us with an individual perception of the world around us. Now we need to develop our sixth sense through opening the Pineal. To initiate the opening of the Pineal gland on a subtle level meditate regularly, visit sacred sites, take flower and gem essences, work with crystal layouts, listen to sacred sound/activation CDs, practice spiritual techniques, be compassionate towards others, and/or take monotomic gold powder. These cultivate and enhance the sixth sense, increase inner awareness, expand consciousness and whole picture wisdom, and eventually activate the light body/Merkaba through the stimulation of the suble Pineal gland function.
What to use The Enlightenment Essence for.
Quite a lot of people are experiencing physical symptoms as their bodies are trying to adjust to the frequency and vibrational changes occurring on earth at this time. This is being mentioned by many well-known people, including Dolores Cannon in her new book, "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth". The uncomfortable symptoms may include palpitations, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, depression, high blood pressure and muscle ache, for which no medical cause can be found. Whilst these energetic frequency changes are taking place, the symptoms may last from several days to several months, or more commonly disappear and re-occur in waves. This Enlightenment crop circle essence, together with the "Ascension" gem essences, helps us to re-attune our liquid crystal body matrix. This will enable higher dimensional light frequencies to be more easily assimilated into our consciousness, so that the new body of spiritual light, (called the light body), can be incarnated within us. The light body aids the Ascension process. The essences harmonise the light body with the nervous system, to enable it to cope with an influx of higher light vibrations. Then the nervous system can be stimulated to higher levels of sensitivity, to initiate the awakening of the pineal gland on a subtle level. Another important function of assimilating higher light frequencies is to dissolve limiting patterns, such as fear, guilt, resentment, dissatisfaction, jealousy, greed, aggression, self-deprecation, self-doubt, anger, animosity and poverty/scarcity-consciousness, which cause blockages in the emotional body, leading to degeneration and functional distortions. This uplifting essence stimulates the spiritual functioning of the pineal gland, which enables one to face difficult situations with intuition, wisdom and fearlessness. This is because stimulating the subtle function of the Pineal gland changes the way we perceive the world through our five physical senses too, thus providing the ability to be able to see things from a higher perspective. Stress and anxiety are reduced, as all levels of the self are raised to a higher vibration, and linked into universal consciousness. This essence opens, clears and balances the heart chakra, so that love can be expressed through every act and thought. Empathy, peace and compassion are instilled within one. It activates, aligns and charges the upper chakras, to promote spiritual evolution and the expansion of consciousness. It promotes self-esteem and a feeling of self-empowerment. A sense of confident serenity is provided, which helps one to overcome the emotional turmoil caused by the ups and downs of everyday life. It is a stimulator of the higher heart chakra, third eye, crown and soul chakra, plus the 8th to 14th chakras above the head, which promote psychic and memory enhancement. It improves concentration levels, balances the emotions, encourages empathy and compassion, and instils a drive for truth. It can transform an touchy, oversensitive and defensive personality by releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and control mechanisms. It eliminates intellectual bondage and promotes forgiveness. Finally, Enlightenment essence facilitates the sending of love to the world, helping to heal war zones and sites of ethnic conflict from their emotional wounds and feelings of resentment.
Links to auric field, blood, blood pressure, brainwaves, cellular hydration, fluid retention, hormones, insomnia, lymphatic system, metabolism, nervous system, radiation, S.A.D., throat and vocal chords.