ROSE (Rosa sp.) (Magdalene flowers)

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ROSE (Rosa sp.) (Magdalene flowers)Keywords: Raising spiritual frequencies, fulfilling life’s purpose, self-awakening, far memory, uniqueness.
The Romans promoted the growth of Roses from Persia throughout Europe, and are said to have had a tradition of using Rosa gallica to alleviate 32 different health problems. This beautiful, rosy red flower was made into an essence at the centre of one of the many "village circulades" that can be found in the Languedoc. The inwardly spiralling shape of the buildings enhances the naturally occurring earth energy vortex, used to raise the spiritual frequencies of mankind. This Rose essence guides higher energies into human consciousness to open the heart chakra, re-connect heart and mind, and to promote spiritual rejuvenation, far memory and progressive levels of self-awakening. It keeps us centred, and it helps to support the mind and body through transitional frequency changes, transitional life events and rites of passage. Rose fosters the ability to comfortably accept being different, radical or unique in how we live or express ourselves. It promotes the instigation and unfolding of our unique qualities, skills and understanding, so that we can develop our talents to their full potential, and fulfil our soul purpose in this lifetime. Most importantly it encourages transition into the light, by helping us to be aware of, look for and go into the light at the moment of death, rather than being held earth-bound in the astral planes.