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This Release Angel Orchid and Gem essence contains White Cattleya, White Phaleanopsis, Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter, Purple, White and Green Dendrobiums and pink Vanda orchid essences, and Ametrine, Azurite, Green Calcite, Chrysoprase, Danburite, Hemimorphite, Larimar, Peridot, Pink Petalite, Rhodonite, Rutilated Quartz and Smithsonite gem essences.
KEYWORDS: Leaving the past behind, releasing old baggage, emotional wounds, programmed beliefs and repetitive negative experience damage from past lives and the more recent past, neutralising inner child damage, ancestral and family belief patterns, past-life relationship difficulties, self-imposed blockages and restraints, removing entities, cleansing, purification, letting go, tie-cutting, releasing fears and obsessive behaviour, emotional body strengthening, calming argumentative behaviour and explosive outbursts.Release Angel Orchid and Gem essence is primarily for facilitating deep change in the way we react to a given stimulus. Each one of us creates our reality by our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. These become ingrained as miasms and mental imperatives in present and past lives through repetition of negative stimuli, to emerge as irritating or damaging negative personality traits. If you read Candace Pertís "Molecules of Emotion" or Bruce Liptonís "Biology of Belief" books, they broadly suggest that all cells have a consciousness, and that they hold memories of emotional upsets in their receptor sites. When a traumatic experience is large or repeated many times, this creates a fixed pattern of endorphin messengers to forever hit the cellular receptor sites every time that particular experience is repeated, thus creating an automatic, instinctive-like response to the stimulus. This is the reason why a person has the same strong, and sometimes increasingly stronger, reaction each time one of their emotional "buttons" is pressed. The orchid and gem essences in the "Release Angel essence" combination facilitate a transformation in the personality, by neutralising the old negative emotional programming and rigid belief patterns. They raise the consciousness to open, cleanse and activate the heart and solar plexus chakras, in order to change recalcitrant attitudes, and reframe irritating and ingrained traits. They help to alleviate the effects of emotional abuse and misuse from the past, by neutralising the energetic root cause of the emotionally damaging trigger. Examples include abandonment, betrayal, lack of love or emotional manipulation, or the creation of negative belief patterns, such as "you're stupid, clumsy, fat, ugly, horrid, worthless" etc. When under great stress, some people turn the least inoffensive comment made by their loved ones into an opportunity for an argument or an explosive outburst of aggression. Their partners or loved ones may find Release Angel essence helpful in strengthening their emotional bodies, to protect themselves from emotional harm, and for the person who is exhibiting the argumentative and aggressive behaviour. Others retreat into depressive states or exhibit self destructive or attention-seeking behaviour. This essence combination clears the meridians, calms anxiety, excessive fear and explosive anger, and removes self-imposed constraints. It promotes emotional equilibrium, soothes dark moods, discourages impulsive and compulsive thoughts and actions, and counters self-hatred. It removes entities and negative behaviour patterns, and protects one against psychic attacks and negative outside influences. Release Angel essence dissolves energy blockages to soothe away past-life relationship difficulties and heartache. It cleanses and re-energises the aura, promotes emotional flexibility and strengthens the ability to overcome setbacks. Confidence and assertion, without aggression, are enhanced as old baggage, argumentativeness, emotional violence, spite, resentment, jealousy, guilt and loss of self-worth are shifted. Release essence also helps one to stop blaming others for one's own mistakes. It promotes self-forgiveness for past misjudgements, so than one can move on, feeling empowered in making the most positive use of what their life experiences have taught them.
links to adrenal glands, endocrine and immune systems, arteries, brain, blood, autonomic nervous system, cartilage, cellular memory, chest, claustrophobia, eyes, gallbladder, fatigue, head, hypochondria, joints, liver, lungs, impotence, intestines, mercury absorption, muscular spasms, MS, nightmares, sinsuses, skin, spleen, stomach ulcers, restless legs, teeth, thymus, thyroid and toxins.
Directions for use: Take a few drops of Release Angel Orchid and Gem essence under the tongue, or add a few drops to a glass of mineral water to drink when needed. Use dowsing or muscle testing or other suitable method to find out how many doses and drops per dose are needed, and how long this essence should be used for.