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PROSPERITY ANGEL ESSENCEArchangels Anauel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Haniel & Uriel

Prosperity Angel Orchid and Gem Essence is designed to attract abundance, with the assistance of the Archangels working for our benefit on the prosperity and happiness-enhancing rays of gold, red, yellow, orange and pink. Working through the physical channels of orchid and gem essences, one's belief patterns can be changed to dissolve emotional blocks that prevent one from attracting wealth and luck. For example, a person who is bought up surrounded by poverty and scarcity, may come to expect that they will always be unsupported by the Universe. In the Western world we are also conditioned to think of the needs of the self last, and made to feel guilty if we donít keep on blindly giving to others. For some members of the poorest communities a belief has been instilled to expect that others will constantly support each of them. This can lead to disempowerment and a spiritual disconnection in an area of the crown chakra. The result is an inability to expect or to be able to receive, or in the case of those expecting to feed off others for nothing in return, there is an inability to take the opportunity to release oneself from dependency upon others. Anauel is the Angel of Prosperity. She works in harmony with Archangel Uriel on the red and gold rays. Anauel attracts success, opportunities and helpful people for wealth-creating, and also protects us from random financial misfortune. Uriel shifts apathy, instils drive, and helps one to overcome challenges. Through the red and gold Cattleya Orchid essence (see "Alma Kee" Cattleya picture above), the red and gold Laeliocattleya Orchid essence and the Pietersite gem essence, Anauel and Uriel are able to remove the emotional and mental blocks that prevent us from attracting prosperity and abundance. This enables one to be able to carry out the planned life purpose to the full. Pietersite gem essence removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by others and overcomes vows of poverty, and Ruby essence attracts wealth and instils drive, enthusiasm and courage. Archangel Jophiel promotes optimism and positive expectations. He instils the desire to be the best one can be. He channels the positive aspects of the yellow ray into oneís solar plexus chakra, via the bright yellow Ondontocidium "Golden Trident" Orchid essence and the Citrine and Yellow Sapphire gem essences, to increase oneís earning potential and instil a desire to do better for oneself. Citrine also helps one to hold onto the money earned. Archangel Haniel works on the pink ray via the vivid, magenta Phalaenopsis "Mad Milva", to encourage benevolence towards others, instil self-respect and to promote a passion for life. Archangel Chamuel works on the orange/peach ray to promote a sense of security. Through the Orange Cattleya and Odontoglossum "Ingmar Durham Castle" Orchid essences, together with Golden Topaz and Citrine gem essences, Chamuel helps one to manifest our desires and attract wealth. Topaz is regarded as a stone of good fortune. Its essence attracts helpful people and assists in overcoming limitations. Copper and Moss Agate gem essences attract situations and business opportunities for potential wealth-making. Through the desire to have one's wishes met, these orange Orchid and gem essences reactivate oneís spiritual connection at the crown chakra, to strengthen trust in the Universe that all oneís needs will be met, as and when required. Moss Agate and Peridot gem essences release fear and old emotional baggage. They bring stability, self-esteem and success in oneís career endeavours. Peridot removes blocks to receiving, and expands oneís ability to receive from the Universe. The simplest way of using Prosperity Angel Orchid and Gem Essence is put a few drops of it under the tongue, for as often and as long as needed, or add a few drops to water to drink. You can also dowse for how many drops, how often and how long you need to take the essence for. If you feel unsupported by the Universe, you can also rub a drop or two of this essence over the crown chakra and/or in the region of the coccyx, or over the solar plexus reflex area in the middle of the soles of the feet. The essences in Prosperity Orchid and Gem Essence can also be used for overcoming issues regarding oneís parents or the past, for overcoming fear of the unknown, and to clear mental blocks against learning.
Put a little Prosperity Angel Essence onto the fingers of one hand. Then rub those fingers over the top of the right ear, the tip of the right thumb, and the tip of the right toe. Repeat as often and for as long as you feel you need to. The essences have a comparatively gentle action compared to the Prosperity Spray, which combines the essences with essential oils, for a stronger action. If you are not pregnant and do not have sensitive skin, you may like to try the Prosperity Spray where right timing is essential for a short-term goal.