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PRIMROSEThis flower essence combination of wild yellow primrose with the deep blue Miss Indigo and the purple Primula acaulis, primarily promotes a "mind over matter" state of being. It helps one to prioritise tasks to be done in a logical manner, particularly where there are a number of tasks to complete in a limited amount of time, and a choice has to be made between opting for what the heart or the head wants to do first. It also promotes mental focus and determination to complete unpleasant tasks, especially where there is tendency to keep not doing them. It is a grounding essence that restores natural rhythms and stability. It is particularly helpful for people suffering from erratic, impulsive or obsessive behaviour, which may be being used to disassociate oneself from past trauma. It overcomes feelings of fear, anxiety and insecurity, and dispels any heavy, lethargic or "poisoned" feelings, particularly where comfort eating is involved. It instils light-heartedness in those who take life too seriously. Links to eating imbalances, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, hyper-erratic depression.