PINK BINDWEED (Convolvulus arvensis) (Magdalene flowers)

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PINK BINDWEED (Convolvulus arvensis) (Magdalene flowers)Keywords: Freedom, escaping constriction, tightness, persistence, perseverance, restriction.
Although Pink Bindweed, (commonly known as Field Bindweed), is often seen as a noxious weed by gardeners, there is a delightful local myth about the flower being called "Our Lady of the Little Glass". It says that Our Lady stopped and helped to release a wagon stuck in a rut, and then used this plantís little pink and white flower head to accept a drink of wine from the grateful wagon owner. This "Our Lady" fits the description of Mary Magdalene, who was young and fit when she arrived in France, and spent much of her life there on the road. This elixir was made at Rennes le Chateau, one of the points of Henry Lincolnís pentagram on the land. Generally, patterns on this flower are variable from place to place, but in Rennes the Bindweed flowers all bear striking pentagram-shaped white markings! When your life is in a mess, from which there seems to be no way out, this essence helps you to untangle yourself from difficult situations or relationships with spouses, family members, friends or co-workers. Bindweed clears energetic blocks, fear-based ties and toxins from the subtle bodies. Bindweed is linked to the element of fire, and it fosters a love of freedom. It prevents abusive types from being attracted to one, by removing the ingrained expectation of becoming one of lifeís victims, due to having suffered emotional, mental or physical abuse as a child, or in past lives.
Links to digestive chemicals, nervous system, stress hormones, bones.