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Keywords: Fear, panic, trauma, aggression, threatening behaviour, snappy, angry, bad-tempered, hissing, kicking, shock, hysteria, trembling, whimpering, soothing, calming.
Ingredients: This is a combination of Aggressive Pet and Calm Pet flower and gem essences, together with a little Bergamot essential oil in base of vodka and rosewater.
This essence spray combination with Bergamot oil is for alleviating extreme stress. It is specifically designed to be used where it is not possible to get near a frightened, aggressive, out of control or hysterical pet. A little Pet Calm Spray can be sprayed over the animal, avoiding its eyes and mouth. It can also be sprayed in their cage, basket, stable or living space. After spraying the animal with Pet Calm, wait around five minutes, then repeat if necessary. When the animal has calmed down, speak gently to the animal and make sure the animal has some drinking water available, but if the animal is an aggressive one, make sure that you cover and protect any parts of your body that the animal might bite or scratch first.
A few drops of the Calm Pet essence can be added to the water if required, but do not add this Pet Calm spray to water or anything that the animal eats. If you have become upset by an animalís behaviour, a little Pet Calm Spray can be put onto the palms of your hands. Then gently rub the hands together. Cup the hands loosely over the nose and mouth, and breath very slowly in and out though the nose until you feel calmer.