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This Overcoming Self Sabotage essence is a carefully researched and powerful combination gem essence that contains Amblygonite, Ametrine, Ancestralite, Botswana Agate, Eilat Stone, Empowerite, Eudialyte, Gold, Green Aventurine,  Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Mahogany Obsidian, Nundertite, Nuumite, Pietersite, Que Sera, Quantum Quattro, Rosophia, Smithsonite, Sunset Aura Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz and Turquoise gem essences. 
It is specifically designed to overcome all forms of self-sabotage, and to instil self-love and self-worth.

KEYWORDS:- self-sabotage, energy/psychic vampirism, negative mental programming, emotional balance, martyrdom, self-empowerment, self-love, self-worth, self-nurturing, over-care for others, ancestral wounding, emotional abuse, lack of love, self-imposed limitations, emotional nourishment,  disempowerment, mortification of the flesh, poverty consciousness, re-integrating soul fragments, insecurity, cutting psychic cords, soul loss,  melancholy. 

The main root causes of self-sabotage seem to have been because of harmful experiences in childhood or past lives, due to one's family culture/beliefs, gender discrimination, to ancestral wounding, such as being part of an historically oppressed racial group, or due to  religious constraints and conditioning, such as self-punishment of the flesh, or vows of obedience, chastity and poverty.

Here is an example of a child who suffer from self-sabotage as an adult, due to their early life experiences. This child soon learns to believe they are less good and less-deserving than others when they are given no love, nor praise from their parents. They are ignored by them, apart from criticism or punishment, for any minor infringements they commit, for not following the set rules, for laughing or shouting (children must be seen and not heard), or for not doing all of the numerous domestic tasks demanded of them by their manipulative, energy-vampirising parents or figures of authority. As the mental and emotional negative conditioning continues to disempower the child, its life-force energy begins to be sucked out through psychic energy cords connected up to the parents. This child may also have also been repeatedly told, when being punished, that they are stupid, ugly, lazy, or don't deserve to have been born at all. The child may may achieve some success at school t first but are soon chided by the parents and told not to boast or told "pride comes before a fall”. The mental and emotional self-sabotage conditioning continues as a teacher, recognizing the child's weakness and vulnerability, attaches their own psychic cords to leach life-force energy from the child. Every negative event or comment decreases the child's self-love and well-being, and increases their likelihood of being psychically vampirised of their life-force energy by adults who are supposed to care for their emotional and mental well-being. The child's school reports criticize the child for poor subject performances, but also continue to say they could have done better in subjects they have come top of the class in! The child is often left in sole charge of looking after younger siblings, whom the parents view as being more clever, brighter or prettier than the child, due to their gender or their personal favoritism.  In adulthood this person subconsciously chooses a strong, ego-driven partner, whom they believe will protect their vulnerable, damaged selves. But that partner is attracted to them because they are vulnerable.The partner repeats the same disempowering and energy-sapping criticism as the parents. If the person manages to stop the behaviour that is annoying the partner, such as turning the lights off, shutting the doors,being on time, keeping out of their way etc., the partner then finds something else to nitpick about, so the criticism is never-ending. The partner connects their own energy cords, and may also compete and overtake the person in everything they try to achieve in order to boost their own ego, so lowering the person's self-image even more. This person carries on through life, still subconsciously being controlled by their parents'"you are not deserving” mental conditioning, that scuppers their chances of being successful – such as annoying the boss just before getting a promotion, receiving praise for their success in a sport activity, but then unaccountably injuring themselves. This self-sabotaging behaviour programming may have carried on through many lifetimes until it can finally be recognised and removed.

This combination gem essence stops self-sabotaging behaviour. It disconnects you from anything that saps your personal power/life energies. It cuts through subtle level,energy-sapping cords that have been connected to you by those who continually nitpick or criticize one, such as manipulative parents, partners or work bosses. It releases one from relying on pick-me-ups such as alcohol or drugs, from no longer having the need to be a "poor me victim” in order to regain some of the stolen life-force, or the need to self harm.

This essence also offers enormous protection for every level of one's being. Weakening one's personal power can make one more vulnerable to psychic attack and energy vampirism by negative non-third dimensional entities. The essence removes negative entities, blocks further psychic attack and removes mental, emotional and psychic hooks from your aura. It balances all the chakras, stimulates the flow of chi through the meridians and re-aligns the subtle and physical bodies. It overcomes low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, humiliation and fatigue,and offers emotional nourishment to those feeling rejected or unloved. It removes fear of failure and others' expectations and projections, and frees your mind to confidently make make your own decisions and be confident enough to offer creative solutions to problem solving.

It overcomes self-imposed constraints and a tendency towards martyrdom, by reversing destructive emotional programming, de-energizing old emotional wounds and dispelling limiting fears, phobias and superstitions, especially those passed on through ancestors or from past lives. It removes personally harmful mental, emotional and verbal conditioning, especially those imposed by authority figures, such as parents, teachers, religious leaders and rule-makers. It dissolves crystalised belief patterns and turns negative thoughts into positive ones. It helps you to recognize and stop repeating the instilled mental and emotional programming that is limiting your growth, and it frees your soul to express itself fully. It increases your self-belief and self-worth, overcomes self doubt, releases your soul from karmic entanglements, mental imprints and psychic manipulations, and encourages you to stand in your own power. This essence banishes feelings of guilt or a fear of punishment or retribution, especially that caused over-controlling, manipulative parents/figures of authority, or by a subconscious memory of past life trauma, due to being intuitive, psychic, a healer or a witch/warlock. It reintegrates soul fragments that have been lost though extreme mental, emotional or physical abuse. It overcomes disempowerment by destroying past life curses, removes a belief in the need for mortification of the flesh (self-punishment  such as self-flagellation or other painful penances for sins committed), and releases you from solemn promises, allegiances, and vows promises of obedience, chastity and poverty made in previous lives, that have been carried over to the current lifetime. It overcomes feelings of unworthiness or humiliation, instils a positive outlook and enables you to deal with change and challenges with equanimity

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