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This Overcoming Fear combination contains Ancestralite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Brandberg Amethyst, Champagne Aura Quartz, Diamond, Emerald, Empowerite, Hemimorphite, Jet, Labradorite, Nuumite, Quantum Quattro, Stromatolite, Tantalite, and Tremolite gem essences and Pennyroyal and Bach flower Aspen essences.
Keywords: dispelling anxiety, stress, fear and fright, hypnotic commands, protection from unwanted energies and malicious thoughts, dissolving thought forms, psychic attack, psychic vampirism, confused thinking, self-empowerment, mental clarity, fearlessness, strength, courage, equilibrium, happiness.
This Overcoming Fear combination essence has been updated to focus specifically on the difficult times Humanity is currently experiencing (Aug. 2021), where dark force-controlled politicians, quack scientists and crooked advisors aim succeed in boosting their own personal empowerment and wealth by dis-empowering, over-controlling and frightening the public with their negative and unfathomable actions, their disinformation, and their "Hitler-like" propaganda spread through the media. This carefully researched combination essence is designed to protect all levels of one's being from constant scare-mongering, that causes never-ending anxiety and fear, due the "flight or flight"-promoting action of adrenaline, which eventually is likely to lead to the damaging of one's well-being,  especially one's mental balance,  the nervous system, the circadian rhythms, the immune system and one's emotional equilibrium. This essence clears away anxiety, worry, fear and stress by removing, dissolving and blocking negative thought forms and hypnotic commands that have been deliberately created to stimulate the flight or flight response. Negative thought forms come to be accepted en masse as truth in the minds of people when so-called "experts" and politicians keep up a never-ending repetition of particular untruths through the media. Hypnotic commands are unconscious programmes installed by an external source that "run" a person, causing them to act in a an automatic mode.  This essence powerfully protects one from alien or adverse forces, removes hypnotic commands and core beliefs lodged in the etheric in present or previous lives, and it clears the effects of ill-wishing or psychic attack/manipulation. This essence supports the nervous system and dissolves insecurities and conscious or unconscious fears resulting from past lives or those fears that have been passed down through the ancestral lines.  It alleviates the effects of stress, strengthens, nurtures and protects the auric field. It instils inner strength and courage to those struggling in a difficult situation. It promotes confidence and fearlessness  It releases negative mental influences and dissolves erroneous beliefs or lies that have been programmed into one's mind by constant repetition through the media.  It releases external influences that do not accord with one's soul plan, and heals disillusionment caused by being misled by those in power. It clears mental confusion, calms panic attacks and promotes calmness and emotional equilibrium. 
 Links to: balanced production of serotonin and melatonin, pineal gland ,circadian rhythms, solar plexus chakra, organs adversely affected by adrenaline, nervous system, chakra realignment, hormone balance, cellular structures, lungs, asthma, the immune system, mental processes,  nightmares, restless leg syndrome,  artificially induced paranoia, muscle cramps, cravings,  mood swings, panic attacks, nervous breakdown.