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The Overcoming Apathy combination includes Rhyolite, Heliodor, Vanadinite, Fire Agate, Garnet, Crocoite, Ruby, Red Jasper, Citrine, Pyrites, Red Calcite and Vanadinite gem essences.
This combination shifts apathy and inertia, and encourages action. It overcomes feelings of inadequacy, and imparts determination to all pursuits. This combination is a good to use if you've suffered a set-back, have been made redundant or split up with a partner, and you don't have the heart or will to pick yourself up and start afresh. It stimulates dynamism, determination, perseverance and a passion for life. Use it if you want to start something new, but never get round to doing it, if you want to stop being a couch potato, if you want to find some get up and go, to lose weight, join an exercise class or if you want to overcome sedentary obsessions with computer games or tv soaps etc., that stop you making the most positive use of your time.