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Overcoming Adversity gem combination essence contains Actinolite, Aqua Terra Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Bumble Bee Jasper, Cancer Miasm essence, Cerussite, Chohua Jasper, Diaspore, Gaspeite, Eye of the Storm Jasper, Kambaba Jasper, Piemontite Quartz, Polychrome Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Preseli Bluestone, Renierite, Richterite, Rhodozite, Shungite, Sonora Sunrise, Strontianite, Tantalite, Victorite and Yellow Jasper.
Overcoming Adversity essence provides one with calming and soothing support through life's most stressful times, assisting one in coping with trauma, disease and cellular malfunction, violence, accidents, extreme bad luck, war, terrorism, Earthquakes, loss of home, job or financial means, loss of relatives and friends, bankruptcy, deep deception, injury or other severe setbacks. It offers nurturing, protection, courage, perseverance and reassurance during traumatic circumstances.Links to cellular overgrowth, travel sickness, nausea, intestines, liver, gall-bladder ducts, lymph, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, joints, discs, tendons, spinal alignment, teeth, minerals, metabolic function, bones, tissues, heart, blood, anaemia, circulation, arteries, immune system, T-cells, wounds, cellular disintegration, rheumatoid arthritis, Reynauds, brain function, headaches, migraine, PH balance, muscle spasms, food/nicotine cravings, convalescence, Parkinsons, AIDS, water retention.