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NARCISSUSNarcissus is known as the "slayer of internal dragons". This combination, including Bridal Crown, Tahiti, Golden Ducat and Pheasant Eye Narcissi, helps us to face issues we are ignoring. It promotes the courage to face, deal with and overcome fears, frustrations, anxiety, constant self-condemnation, lack of action, bad habits and phobias. It also dispels butterflies in the stomach when facing fears. It aligns the subtle bodies, neutralises spiritual and emotional scars, clears blockages of the heart and deepens daily meditation practices. It overcomes insecurities and assists introverted, withdrawn individuals, or those lacking in social skills, to overcome their shyness or awkwardness. As well as oral use, a few drops can be rubbed onto inner wrists, the heart chakra or onto the temples. A few drops can also be added to water to help plants to grow under difficult conditions. Links to agrophobia, synchronisation between right and left brain, psychosis, digestive disorders, blood pressure, hyper-erratic depression, lessens heavy metal miasm.