NAIO - Balancing Appetite

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NAIO - Balancing AppetiteNAIO - Balancing Appetite

Essence guides the soul to satisfy one's true inner needs, instead of mollifying the outer symptoms of an emotional problem with comfort foods. It helps to increase one's willpower to break addictions to chocolate, French fries, sweets, crisps, bread, icecream and alcohol. A nutritionist's help should also be sought to replace those foods with the nutrients the body really needs. For instance if you crave sugar you might look at taking Chromium. If you're tired all the time and are addicted to junk foods to get a quick energy fix, you might look at taking Vit. B6, and Vit B12, plus a general Vitamin B Complex formula, but do check with a nutritionist first. It may also be helpful to add Pink Lotus or Mango Hawaiian essence to this Naio essence.