MINT ZING (10m Cologne)

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MINT ZING (10m Cologne)Keywords: Uplifting, mental stimulation and strengthening, mental clarity and focus, vibrancy, vigour, refreshing, reviving, mental rejuvenation, stamina, grounding, intellectual fatigue, mental burn-out, exhaustion, brain fag, mental lethargy, feeling spaced-out, foggy-headed or "not with it" and grounding.
This 10ml Mint Zing roll-on cologne contains within in its base of Peppermint water, a little green food colouring and alcohol preservative, the powerful, mentally stimulating combination Basil, Hawaiian Papaya and Pua Pilo, Elderflower, Peppermint, Sage, Carnelian, Citrine, Fluorite, Golden Labradorite, Goshenite, Heliotrope, Peridot, Pyrite and Tiger Iron. The addition of the equally stimulating essential oils of Peppermint and Basil, together with Lime, Black Spruce, Cinnamon, Clove, Litsea Cubeba and Rosemary, complement and enhance the effect of the essences, to sharpen and focus the mind and mental faculties.
(Way back in 1996, I am sure the combination of the two main ingredients in "Mint Zing" - Basil and Peppermint - taken in on a tissue to the ITEC Aromatherapy theory exam room, helped me to overcome my nerves and come top of the class that year!)
The fragrance of Mint Zing cologne is exactly what the name suggests - mint with a citrussy "zing" to it. This cologne is a wonderfully refreshing stimulant for mental rejuvenation, and for restoring the will to achieve one's goals. It enhances the ability to think clearly and logically, and is very helpful to those suffering from mental exhaustion or brain fag, or needing to achieve a work deadline. By aligning the meridians, cleansing and realigning the energies of the lower chakras to ground one, and by stimulating the base and solar plexus chakras, Mint Zing strengthens, sharpens and focuses the mind, whilst counteracting spaciness, confusion and foggy-headedness. It cleanses, energises and stabilises the aura, to protect one's subtle energy fields from negative psychic influences, that are more likely to have an effect when one's energies are low. Links to headaches, sinusitis, metabolism, eyes, heart, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, blood circulation, memory enhancement, digestive tract and lungs.
Directions for use: Mint Zing can just be inhaled whenever needed. Take three slow deep breaths in and out through your nose. You can also rub a little around the hairline at the base of the skull, or put some on the tips of your fingers to rub up the sides of the neck to just under the ears. It can be rubbed into pulse points on the wrists, on the middle of the soles of your feet, on the top of the big thumbs, on the tops of the big toes, on the lung meridian acupuncture point in the middle of the loose skin on the back of the hand, between the thumb and index finger, or in a anti-clockwise direction around the navel. NB: Avoid putting this cologne on any sensitive areas of your body. Keep away from your face and especially your eyes. Those with sensitive skin should try this cologne out on the inside of the wrists first, before using elsewhere on the body. A tingling or a "glowing" sensation may be experienced when using this cologne, due to its mint essential oil content. It should soon dissipate, but if it becomes uncomfortable, or the skin starts to turn red and itchy, immediately rinse off with soap and warm water, and use the inhaling method instead. Keep the cologne off clothing, as the green colouring will stain them.