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This florally-fragranced and popular Angel spray promotes joy of life, releases past regrets, and gently heals wounds of the heart. It can also be used if you are feeling jaded, overwhelmed or exhausted by the problems of everyday life. According to the 6th century Greek Christian theologian Dionysius, who put the various Angelic beings into heirarchies, Haniel is not strictly an Archangel, but is the leader of an Angelic group called "Principalities". Principalities are on a higher level than Archangels, with caretaker responsibilities for nations, cities, towns and places. In Cabbalisitic texts Haniel is credited with escorting Enoch to the 7th Heaven, to be transformed into the Angel Metatron. Haniel is known as the Angel of feminine comfort, who also helps to dispel destructive thought patterns. Haniel works through the pink ray of love (heart chakra), promoting the love of beauty, and helping us to enjoy life. He/she is also said to enable us to recover lost secrets of natural healing. Archangel Jophiel works through the yellow ray (solar plexus chakra) to release stress, and promote confidence and optimism. Loving Life spray is a soothing, floral combination of Honeysuckle, Palma Rosa, Rosewood, Rose and May Chang oils, together with Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum orchid essences, and Hiddenite, Morganite, Pink Calcite, Lavender Jade and Sugilite gem esences, to encourage zest and enthusiasm for life. Use it to promote self-worth, and to overcome anxiety and hopelessness. Use it when speaking in public for flashes of inspiration, and to remain centred and grounded. It can also be used with intent to draw harmony and loving friends into your life.
Do not use this spray if you are pregnant. Please use the Angel Loving Life essence instead.