Lionheart (Asiatic) Lily (Exotic)

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Lionheart (Asiatic) Lily (Exotic)Lionheart (Asiatic) Lily

This amazing rich gold and maroon bicolour Lily is called "Lionheart". The essence made from it (minus the anthers) overcomes apathy and fear, and fills one with the desire for action. It instils courage and strength of mind to face up to and deal with unpleasant or difficult problems. First sit calmly in meditation for a while after taking around nine drops of the Lionheart essence under the tongue or in water. This essence overcomes emotionally charged muddle-headedness. It links one with the "Higher self" to bring clarity of mind, wisdom, diplomacy and common sense, when considering all the options open to one in dealing with a problem at the current time. During meditation personal spirit guides can also be asked to offer their wisdom, especially where a decision must be made, and continuing to ignore a problem will not make it make it disappear.

Links to third eye, solar plexus and base chakras, adrenaline.