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LADYBIRD (RED) POPPY(Papaver commutatum)This essence is made from a new "Ladybird" cultivar that had its origins in the wild red "Flanders" poppy plant, that sprang up in such abundance in the fields of Flanders, following the great los of human life there during the first World war. Ladybird Poppy essence increases one's emotional warmth, and instils a strong sense of self-worth. It promotes the constructive use of anger to bring about positive and necessary change. It helps one to transform from being a hopeless victim into a strong, courageous and self-empowered being. It is a good grounding and centering essence, helping to release blockages in the base chakra. It helps one to set personal boundaries without guilt and also discourages self-destructive tendencies. It helps one to recover after an upheaval, knock-back or personal disaster. Links to female problems, menopause, circulation, heart, excessive sexual desires.