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The combination of orchid and gem essences in this Inner Strength Angel Essence include Laelio-Cattleya "Rojo”, orange Cattleya, yellow Cattleya and white Cattleya orchid essences, together with Ammolite, Botswana Agate, Cacoxenite, Citrine, Gabbro, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Erythrite, Garnet, Haematite, Limonite, Nunderite, Onyx, Pyrites, Sapphire, Tiger Iron, Tiger Eye and Victorite gem essences.

Keywords: - Courage, Inner Strength, crisis, difficult situations, misfortunes, mental clarity, chakra alignment, prana enhancement, problem solving, stamina, perseverance, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, stress, grounding, centering, despair, pessimism, equilibrium, balance

Affirmation"I feel the flow of life energy running strongly through me. I am strong, grounded, balanced, energetic and whole, and I embrace life with enthusiasm and good humour,"

The orchid and gem essences in this Inner Strength essence have been extensively researched and bought together to help one in times of crisis. They bring hope and courage to those who find themselves caught in a difficult or seemingly insurmountable situation. This essence strengthens the survival instinct and provides one with the mental clarity, drive, strength of mind, perseverance and character to solve problems and overcome misfortunes. It imparts inner core strength and stamina  to every level of one's being. Inner Strength essences do this by aligning the chakras, balancing the auric field, blocking energy leaks, and enhancing the flow of prana/chi though all the meridians. It shuts off obsessive thoughts and releases negative and repetitive behaviour patterns. It grounds and centers, and alleviates pessimism, stress, anxiety, and despair, as well as counteracting spaciness and confusion in times of emotional turmoil. The essence instills emotional and mental equilibrium in those who tend to swing between emotional extremes when under pressure. 
Links to adrenals, asthma, allergies, Anorexia, Alzheimer's, respiratory problems, congestion, sinusitis, bronchitis, heart, muscles,rheumatism, bladder, anaemia, circulatory system, inflammation,bones, red blood production, blood oxygenation, memory, menopause,hot flushes, iron and calcium assimilation, IBS, nerves, spinal alignment, immune system, pituitary gland, DNA.