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HOLY THORN2000 years ago, when Joseph of Arimathea was walking on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury, England, he noticed that his staff was sprouting tiny green buds. Certain trees, such as the Willow, are known to retain sap in their stems for a very long time. Canes made from their stems will readily take root in the ground, even after a period of time, if they are used as support canes for plants. Joseph’s staff, made from the Palestinian Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyne biflora) had absorbed moisture from the air in the much damper climate of England to enable it sprout new shoots. Joseph took this happening as a sign that the staff was telling him to put down permanent roots in this new land, far from his place of origin in the Holy Land. So Joseph drove his staff into the sodden ground on an earth energy line, and it grew into a tree. A Palestinian Hawthorn lives for around 100 years, but as the tree does not set seed In England, grafts have been taken from the original tree down through the ages. Despite vandalism through the years, the last one taking place on 8th December 2010, many grafts of the original tree have been grown, not only in many Glastonbury locations, but also in sites around the world. This Holy Thorn flower essence was made from the Wearyall Hill tree in May 2009. It instils resilience, perseverance and tolerance of difficult conditions you may be having to experience. It helps one to overcome obstacles in one’s path by being flexible and working around the problem. It encourages one to maintain belief in heartfelt desires, and to keep on going until those wishes are met. It’s main message is to try, try and try again. It gently soothes heartache away, and helps one to overcome devastating trials, such as the loss of one’s llivelihood, oved ones, home or health. It offers one the strength to pick up the pieces and start afresh after a disaster, where you may have been forced to move to a new living place or a new country.