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Keywords: Attention seeking, separation anxiety, bad habits, over-exuberance, inappropriate toilet habits, clinginess, nuisance behaviour, pulling on the lead.
Ingredients: Chamomile, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Impatiens, Heather,  Vervain, Vine and Willow Atlantisite, Lepidolite and blue Sapphire flower and gem essences.
This essence combination is for modifying any inappropriate the behaviour of any pet. It is not just exclusively for dogs. It helps to alleviate attention-seeking habits such as uncontrollable barking, jumping up, play biting, marking, poor toilet habits, damaging furniture, rolling in muck, habitually trying to escape, or generally making a nuisance of themselves in order to be noticed. Cherry Plum and Vervain essences are for the over-exuberant animal who pulls on the lead, chews or destroys furniture, or urinates in inappropriate places. Chestnut Bud is for an animal that doesn't learn from its mistakes. Heather is for attention seeking. Chicory is for the "Leader of the pack" animal, who canít accept other animals, and for separation anxiety and boredom. Honeysuckle is for homesickness, pining and grief, and for cats that keep returning to a former home. Chamomile is for dogs that bark madly and exhibit wild behaviour. Cherry Plum is for those animals who tear, bite or excessively groom or lick their skin, and for mothers who have a tendency to destroy their young at birth. Willow is for stubborn animals, for example cats who insist on urinating outside their litter tray, or horses who refuse to take the bit or roll in their own dung in the stable. Atlantisite and Lepidolite essences help to change bad behaviour patterns. Lepidolite and blue Sapphire essenes calm emotional stress.
N.B. A dog who exhibits behavioural problems may regard itself as leader of the pack. This dog may tug on the lead, sleep on the bed, get fed before the owner, etc. Use this essence as a training aid, but also take your animal to behaviour classes, where it will be taught to treat you as "top dog".