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Fluorapatite is a naturally-occurring, multicoloured combination of Fluorite and Apatite. This essence was made from a beautiful transparent yellow/green version of the gemstone. Fluorapatite is a most important harmonising and balancing stone/essence for our time. It instils a positive outlook on life, and helps to remove aggression and irritability. Its primary use is for conflict resolution, both within oneself and between people with conflicting interests. It promotes inner equilibrium and group harmony. It helps us to express ourselves clearly, calmly and freely without becoming over-emotional. It can also help one to block out the incessant demands of the world, to provide inner peace. Another important use is its ability to stimulate metaphysical abilities. Fluorapatite contains hyroxyapatite. This resonates with the hydroxyapatite found in the pineal gland, that is claimed to activate and enhance inner sight and out of body experiences. Links to solar plexus and heart chakras, cell overgrowth, electromagnetic fields regulation, bio and circadian rhythms, eye disorders, lungs, sense of smell, bones, teeth, extremities. Directions for use: As well as placing a few drops under the tongue, or adding a few drops to water to drink, a few drops of this essence can also be added to tepid water in an atomiser to spray around the head, or a building to promote harmony in the home.