EQUILIBRIUM (Lily and Gem Essence)

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EQUILIBRIUM (Lily and Gem Essence)EQUILIBRIUM - Water lily (Nymphaea) and Sugilite gem essence

Keywords: Balance, understanding.Associated with imbalances of the base and crown chakras.

Essence calms, grounds and centres. Initiates a feeling of "Iím OK, youíre OK". Brings a sense of balance to addictive personality types. Helps "flower-power" type people adjust safely to the heavy energies of living on the earth planet. Helps those who "donít want to be here" to adjust to the loss of "Nirvanha". Mends holes in auras and leaks in subtle energy bodies. Relieves painful shyness. Balances over-sensitivity to external negativity.

Links to depression, drug abuse, cravings, smoking.